Latest NASA view of Jupiter [1440×3040]

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Took a pic of the sky with my phone, tweaked it a bit with lightroom and snapseed, hope someone will...
Figured out I could take a screenshot on my phone while the screen is off, and this is what came of ...
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AMOLED Image Request Thread VI
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I took this and I hope this counts too (1536x2331)
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I saw this in the 3th episode in the witcher. I thought it was cool. So i made a wallpaper out of it...
Tomb Raider [2160x4680]
Chrono Trigger wallpaper I made a while ago [1080x1920]
Call of Cthulhu by u/GabrielcM94 (1440x2960)
This is the way. [1242x2688]
Handle with care. [1125x2436]