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I remade a Mario wallpaper that was posted a while ago, with less artifacts and fuzziness [1080x1920...
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City 17 Half Life [3716x7845] [9:19] (requested by u/princetrigger)
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AMOLED Image Request Thread VI
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Skull study [1536x2302] from r/art
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A lot higher resolution of the “Old Apple logo but it’s been pixeled.” [5593x9905]
Razer Blackwidow Keyboard [2830x3774]
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(1559 x 2400)
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Inspired from one of the videos of melodysheep I made a series of such wallpapers [4096x4096]
Stranger things poster by u/akidneythief [1440x3120] edited v3
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Instagram Starry Night [1125x2000]
i like train stations too (art by u/JohnS1212_) [1200x2533] [9:19]
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Trying to make a phone case. Obviously I could have a matching wallpaper. [1440x3040]
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Such a satisfying view [1242 x 2688]
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Ultra HD Moon [1242x2688]
Nano from Nichijou [1440x3120]
First attempt at drawing a Koi fish [2880 x 5920]
Perspective. (1440x2560)