Stargazer [1440×2960]

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(1440x2960) merged 2 amazing wallpapers i found here into one
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AstroGod 50% Black (1080 x 2340)
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Monthly Homescreen/Lockscreen thread | November 2019
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Found it on the internet and vectorised it, I think it looks dope. [1080x2340] 97.37% true black.
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[1080×2280]Black Amoled world caught in Triangle.
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PSA: Drive and Dropbox links may reveal your name [69x420]
"And when you close your eyes again, they open in a different head." by Jenna Barton [1440x2960]
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[4602×8180]red n black Amoled with ultrahigh resolution.
Black Pug [3187×4563] Source:
the-mandalorian (70% black) [1440x3360]
Uchiha Madara wallpaper for Samsung Note 10+ I found online. I adjusted the colors to amoledify it (...
Floral design I made [1242x2688]
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Ferrari F1 [1080x1348] First AMOLED black I made
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daenerys [1785x2890]
Jack Cooper - Titanfall 2 [3840x2160]
The void yells [500x750]
NASA Jack-O-Lantern Sun [1125x2436]