Blue hour at Crater Lake [OC][3000×2000]

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I took this on the Riffelsee just before proposing to my girlfriend, early in the morning as the sun...
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Basalt Columns Reynisfjara, Iceland [OC] [5472 x 3648]
Opal Creek Wilderness, Oregon is a pretty special place. [OC][3000x4497]
Chile (ph by Max Rive) [1080x1200]
Snow Falling at Spirit Falls, WA, USA [OC] [2160 x 2700]
Love the smell of the air you got after a rain. Taken during a A LOT of rain in German Odenwald [OC]...
Found a short but quiet trail away from the ridiculous weekend craze that is Banff and Jasper. Kanan...
Trandal, Norway [OC][6220x3743]
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Lake Tahoe,California,USA[OC][710×444]
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"Tunnel View" from Inspiration Point Trail @ Yosemite [OC] [4032 × 3024]
Moody weather in Jotunheimen, Home of the giants NP, Norway [OC] [1280x1920]
A beautiful day along the Pacific coast in Oregon! [OC] (1080x1350)
New Hampshire lives up to it's Autumn reputation. [OC](4032x3024)
Percé, Québec, Canada, [4160x3120] [OC]
The lush forests of southern Sweden always surprises me with their beauty. [OC][3024x4032]
Grass covered field and forest and mountain at the distance during night, Banff, Canada [3388 × 5081...
Moody afternoon at Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana [4138x6207] [OC]
Stunning yellow larches below Black Peak - North Cascades, WA [OC][1400x1750] @jake.gosline
Aoraki (Mt. Cook), the tallest mountain in New Zealand, under the autumn stars. [3800x3324][OC][@ahp...