Cliffs of Moher – 66 death between 1993 and 2017 trying to take this type of pics – Be careful [OC] [1366*2048]

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The clouds interfered with my night photography efforts while camping at Reflection Canyon but they ...
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Drove cross-country and stopped at four national parks including planet Mars aka the Badlands! [OC][...
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Clear day in Cannon Beach, OR [240x240] - (OC) @alwayslocalphotos
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The diversity Utah has to offer is just mind blowing. Found many places like this while scouting for...
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Yosemite Valley, California [OC] [5723 x 5437]
This 45ft high natural rock formation called "Devil's Table" was one of the highlights of my trip to...
I went out to learn how to shoot the Milky Way (the bit of blue on the mid left) with the Chena Rive...
3AM/8AM split at Horseshoe Bend - (OC) - [2048X2560]
Autumn at Devero alp - Italy [OC][1600x1068] @enniopozzetti
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Get lost in the Big Sky country and let your heart lead the way. (6104x3082) OC
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I don't live near the most spectacular nature, but i thought this was pretty sweet (November in Denm...
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Bryce Canyon NP, Utah [4032 x 3024] was amazing with snowfall! But, it's way too dangerous to hike t...
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(OC) Winter sunlight filters through the deep mossy forest, along the Salmon River, Mount Hood Natio...
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[OC] Snow at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah [5773x4330]
Wildflowers in the Beartooth Mountains, Montana | OC | 1033x1080 | @pmully94
Cloudy hike near Mount Baker [OC] [4480 × 6720]
From the summit of the highest dune - Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. [OC [2000x1600].
Earlier this year, redditors organized and got the Senate to pass a bipartisan resolution reversing ...
The setting sun makes this cloud look like something from a sci-fi movie. Reno, NV [2048x1536]
Latrouell Falls, Oregon [4000x6000]
England really does have its moments (OC) (4032x2268)
As I spend hours upon hours working inside, my heart brings me back to Lake Grinnel at Glacier Natio...
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Great Lakes during the Polar Vortex by Joshua Stevens at NASA Earth Observatory [7800x8031]
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The mighty hat Mt.Lómagnúpur standing tall among the crystal blue glacial rivers, Iceland. BY Arnar ...
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Vermillion Lakes is one of those drive up and snap places but it remains quite a beautiful angle and...
Majesty of the Grand Tetons, WY [OC] [5600 × 4000]
Frosted tips never went out of style in Alberta, Canada. [4048x3036][OC]
I was inspired to post this when I saw another natural frame picture. Taken on approach to Lake Haiy...
The mist rolling between the trees. Windermere, the Lake District [OC] [1333x2000]
A valley with nearly zero human intrusion. Dzuko valley, Nagaland, India. [OC] [6000x4000]
Sørfold, Norway [4032x3024] [OC]
Channels by @aggi700 [IG/FB] captured in Iceland. 3506x4961 OC
Sun rays bursting through some clouds during sunset at Eleven Mile State Park, Colorado. [OC] [1200x...
Visited Glacier National Park last week. Amazing place. [3024x4032] [OC]
Wonderful sunset in Spain on my birthday day [OC] [2048x1367]
UFO Cloud and Milky Way at Takhlakh Lake (2439x3002)
The Wanaka Tree on a clear night, New Zealand [OC] [5504x6880] Photographer : @WithLuke
View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake [3355x5032] [OC]
Modi Khola river as seen from the Annapurna Base Camp trek. [OC] [4320×2432]
Gotta love when heaven and earth align- the moon setting over Mt. Jo on a perfect fall evening. [OC]...
Galactic Eruption! The Milky Way gleaming over Vogelsang Peak, Yosemite National Park [OC][5472×3648...
Another view from the three brothers, Yosemite [1080x1350] [OC] @jamesliuu
Norwegian Fjords [OC][3264x2448]