First licks of sun on the base of Angels Landing, Zion National Park, Utah, USA [5472×3648] [OC]

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Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park has always been one of my favorite beaches to explore on the California ...
One of the most amazing sunsets I’ve witnessed on top of a 14er - Mount Evans, Colorado. [OC] [1413x...
Final Burst of Sun at Acadia National Park [1365x2048] [OC]
The pink fireweed runs wild in Crested Butte, Colorado. [OC] [1600x2000]
Drove cross-country and stopped at four national parks including planet Mars aka the Badlands! [OC][...
Aspen forest in Spain (OC) [1365x2048]
A picture I took with my cellphone hiking through Joshua Tree National Park. [3072x4096] [OC]
It’s been raining a lot in California, which resulted to Poppy Superbloom at Lake Elsinore,CA. [OC] ...
Was shooting this under a massive tree to get this awesome light play next to a waterfall in German ...
I am lost in the foggy woods of my hometown in German Odenwald [OC][1988×1326]
I was just trying to capture the milky way but witnessed this spectacular storm as well over Langkof...
Winter in the Canadian Rockies, Moraine Lake [OC] [3648×4560]
Mt. St. Helens, Washington under the Milky Way [OC][1540x2000]
Larchception. North Cascades National Park, Washington, US. [1472x2208][OC]
I hiked in just after the first snow of the year in Yosemite National Park [OC] [1280 x 1920]
A Frosty Morning at Dream Lake [1600x1067][OC]
Mammoth Lake [3456x4608] [OC]
The last sunrise of 2018. Finally got lucky with lighting in a flooded field down the road from me. ...
A Wintry Sunrise at Factory Butte [OC] [4096x2733]
The ancient scars of a glacier somewhere in the middle of Iceland [1650x2150] [OC]
I got the chance to catch a single engine cessna flight around Kauai Hawaii just as the rain clouds ...
Photographing mountains for the first time, back in 2013. Yosemite, CA @williampatino_photography {O...
Took a morning hike with my wife. Fall creek trail, OR. 1440 x 2560. [OC]
Hike in Colorado with an amazing view [OC] [1366x768]
The Subway Zion Utah [OC] [6000x4000]
Aerial view of Keighans Island, Nova Scotia [4000x2250] (OC)
Herdwick Sheep rest under a lone oak tree, Lake District, Cumbria, UK [OC][3670x3670]
The "Devil's Bathtub" - Ohio [OC][3000x2400]
Summer bloom in the Swiss Alps [OC][4912x3264]
Bozeman, MT [1000 x 1498] [OC]
Forest near Oldenburg, Germany [3648 × 5472] [OC]
Atabad Lake Hunza Pakistan [667×960] [OC]
I just can't get enough of these epic mountains in Kyrgyzstan, Oguz Bashi Peak [1536x1920](OC)
Green mountain near lake at daytime,Lake Cadagno, Quinto, Switzerland [@borisbaldinger] [6000 × 4000...
I too was heckin impressed with Lake Louise, Banff [oc] [1289x2193]
My monthly bus route! Bindal, Norway [1533 × 1766]
Tucked away peace and beauty. Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana. [1024x575] [OC]
An Arizona hidden gem - The desert southwest continues to amaze! [3840 x 5760] [OC] IG: @UofAlec
Sunset Through Wildfire Smoke in Eastern Washington [3648x4560][OC]
The Fire Wave 🔥🌊, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. Not quite as impressive as The Wave in AZ, but ...
Lava field moss. Snæfellsnesvegur, Iceland [4032x3024] [OC]
September Honeymoon at Moraine Lake (OC) [4032x3021]
Herlev, Denmark [OC] [3024 x 4032]
Finally got to visit the forests of Yakushima, Japan which inspired the setting of the movie Princes...
"The Puzzle" Sunset at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego [4800 X 7200][OC]
Dómadalsvatn, a lonely lake in Iceland lost into the Highlands [1600x2356][OC]
“Idyllic” is a word I rarely use but seemed appropriate here. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. [1...
A remote valley in the Southern Alps of New Zealand @williampatino_photography {OC} (1500x1000)
[OC] Thingvellir, Iceland [5472 x 3078]
Oh, so that’s why it’s called Yellowstone! The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone [OC] [4032x2688]
From a frigid night in the Eastern Sierra. [OC] [3839 X 5043]
Lake Tahoe,California[OC][2960×1972]
Lake Moraine, Banff, Alberta. [OC] [5022x4384]
Hit mile 100 on the Appalachian Trail this morning. View from the top of Albert Mountain NC [OC] [40...
Breathtaking lake Wanaka, New Zealand [OC][5082x3388]
Low lying morning fog illuminated by the first light of day at Mount Rainier National Park - [1333x2...
A beautiful field of sunflowers near my home - Loveland, Colorado. [OC] [2038x1358]
Canada never fails to amaze me. [OC] Mount Robson, Canada 2560x1440
One of the first (serious) photos I ever made (2015) and still one of my favorite winter shots [OC][...
Mount Taranaki, a stratovolcano in New Zealand [1080x1350] [OC]
Another one from Red Reef trail in Utah. Dead tree with a window! [3036x4048][OC] hopefully this ple...
Spent the night under the stars with these 4000 year old trees! The whistling wind gave me the creep...
Emerald Lake, Canada [3246 x 2498] by William Patino
California Wildfire Smoke in the Eastern Sierra [OC][2939X3674]
Autumn forest. Doetinchem Netherlands [4000x5000] [OC]
Oh Faroe, Faroe Islands {OC} {1200x1200} Instagram @airpixels
Sunrises in Kenya ☀️ [3840x5760]
Probably my wettest and coldest day on the PCT. The small breaks of sunlight made it much more toler...
Three Brothers Glowing and Steaming, Yosemite National Park [oc][3648x4560]
Lago di Barcis, Italy. [OC] [960 x 720]
A Winter Reflection in Yosemite [3000x3800] [OC]
Wintry Mountain Sunrise, Adirondack Mountains, NY [OC] [3276x4096]
Sahara desert, Marruecos, at the haimas camp [OC][1920x1280]
That Lake Wanaka Tree. New Zealand. [OC] [3000x2000]
Fog on the Washington coast can be eerily beautiful. [1920x1280] [OC]
Frozen spider web[467x640]
South Eastern coastline, Australia [OC] [1080x1350]
Tree of Life - Olympic National Park, Washington. [OC] [4624x3407]
Fields of colorful lupine growing along a stunningly blue lake that is fed by enormous ancient glaci...
Al Hajar Mountains, Oman [OC] [2000x1333]
Crescent moon over the Adriatic, Croatia [2688 × 4032] [OC]
Spring in full bloom. Victoria, Australia [OC] [1600x2000]
True autumn morning. Doetinchem Netherlands [6000x4000] [OC]
[OC] Mt. St Helens from Loowit Viewpoint at sunset, [5991x3998]
One of my favourite places to go for a walk. Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver, BC [2800×3733][OC]
Sunset at Indian Beach, Oregon [OC][2000x1333]
Two weekends a year the sun lines up here, will do again tomorrow, bet its cloudy! Port hills New Ze...
The sky split in half over a mountain in Iceland [1830x2450] [OC]
One of my favourite shots of my favourite beaches. Cox Bay, Tofino, Vancouver Island [OC][2000x1334]...
Artist's Palette in Death Valley, California just after sunset (OC) [5037 X 4859]
Purple dream, the Netherlands [1400x928] [OC]
Possibly the most beautiful lake in the world - Maligne Lake, Canada [OC][3000x2000]
The wild cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania - worth braving the choppy seas to catch a glimpse...
A typical day for locals, a wonderfully moody time for me! Olympic National Park, WA. [1958x2448][OC...
Jökulsárlón on the side to the ocean, Iceland [ 7358x4910] [OC]