Fog Through The Trees [OC] [2918 × 3648] [email protected]

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Three Brothers Glowing and Steaming, Yosemite National Park [oc][3648x4560]
Was able to catch night turning to day at McWay Falls in Big Sur, California [4374×4952]
Rockie Mountains National Park in early March [1365 × 2048]
Mount hood under the milky way, Lost lake, OR [oc][2400x3596]
Cloudy hike near Mount Baker [OC] [4480 × 6720]
Fall colors while hiking through Mt. Rainer, WA. Credit goes to my non-redditer friend who sent me t...
Sleepy autumn time. Norway. [OC] [1334x2000]
Hintersee, Bavaria, Germany [OC] [1080x1620]
[OC] Welcome to Green Gardens Newfoundland! Say hi to my new wild sheep friends. (4032x3024)
I never tire of walking my dog Murphy on this trail in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon. It's 5,000 acr...
Mardalsfossen Waterfall, Romsdal, Norway. Photo by @skeye_photo [1080 x 1345]
Winter Waterfall in Hocking Hills, Ohio. [4000x6000] [OC]
Angel's landing overlook, Utah [5571 × 3714] [OC]
The Milky Way in Hungary [OC] [1200*626]
A photo I took while hiking the Old Man of Storr in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. @lesstalkmoretravel_...
Tranquility at Sparks Lake, Oregon [OC][3000x2000]
'Mount Etna' [720x597] OC
A glorious sunset reflection at the famous Eibsee, Germany[OC] [1062 × 1590]
Headshot of Mt. Annapurna II in the Nepal Hiamlayas. [OC][1080x1080]
Frozen Plitvice Lakes waterfalls on a New Years day. Was lucky that new fresh snow fell when we woke...
Mt. Logan, Yukon Terr. Canada from the sky [1960x4032] [OC]
Maui, HI [OC] [2966 x 3954]
Mother Nature that is a damn fine piece of work. Emperor Falls in BC, Canada. [2048x1328] [OC]
Stunning yellow larches below Black Peak - North Cascades, WA [OC][1400x1750] @jake.gosline
Took this picture a few days back near Waterfowl lake ,Alberta[2128x3514]
[OC] Antelope Canyon Stunner Stone Bird on Fire [3024x3780]
Wildflowers in Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona [OC] [1334x750]
Milky Way over Mount Cook, New Zealand [3681x4910] [OC]
Louisiana [685x960] OC
I can't wait for winter Yosemite NP [3654x5473] [oc]
OC Was trail running in Point Lobos CA. Had to stop and take this cellphone pic. 2268 x 3100
Mother Nature’s color palette is incredible. Broome, Western Australia [OC] [1080x1350]
Glacier National Park, Montana USA [OC] 4288x2848
Wanaka Lake, New Zealand. [OC] [1080×1349]
A cold morning up the Hopkins Valley, New Zealand [1365x2048] [OC]
The beauty of Big Sur, California [OC] [1701x1699]
Sleepless night was worth this sunrise at Pinnacles National Park, CA [2832x4240][OC]
The Aurora reflecting in a swirling tide pool. Senja, Norway. [1800x1221] [OC]
Early morning on Olomana Ridge (Oahu, HI) [4000 × 2668][OC]
Godzilla's final resting place ( Skypond, Colorado) [OC] [4823x3695]
Bighorn Canyon - One of Montana's many hidden jems. [OC] [7952x5748]
The Milky Way over Maroon Bells, CO [OC][2048x1960][COMPOSITE]
A steaming tree at Muir Woods, CA [3264x4928] [OC]
Some mountains in New Zealand [1638x2048][OC]
Djupvatnet Lake In Geiranger, Norway. Magic. [OC][3456x4608]
Happy hour view from the campsite [OC] [2103x2560]
Sunset in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming [4115x2315][OC]
Obersee, Germany [OC] [3571x4479]
A valley with nearly zero human intrusion. Dzuko valley, Nagaland, India. [OC] [6000x4000]
Mt Fuji on a fall day, Japan. [2738x1825][OC]
The Big Island, Hawaii (1732x2309) [OC]
The view at the start of my snow hike in Boulder, Colorado! [OC] [3024x3780]
light rays through the trees near Cannon Beach, OR [5184 × 3456] [OC]
Thor's Well on the Oregon coast is a mesmerizing natural spectacle to behold. Even more so at sunset...
Light in the forest in Banff National Park, Canada [1638x2048][OC]
Fiordland, New Zealand from a light aircraft [OC] [2400 × 3000]
The hexagonal basalt columns of the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland... This is one of the most be...
Can’t get over how beautiful Northern Minnesota is [OC] [3962x4952]
On a lonely road in the Namib Desert (Route D707)
I woke up to thick fog yesterday morning, and I don't think a forest looks better in any weather - C...
Spring always reminds me of this place. Whitman County Washington State [3300x3300] OC
The Lonely Tree, Llyn Padarn, North Wales [4994 * 4000] OC By Ste Clayton
Bear and Bean Lake Overlook. Superior Hiking Trail, MN. [1958x2448][OC] Instagram: @grantplace
misty morning in the Bavarian Alps [OC] [2977x1985]
The Amazing Rainbow Mountains,Peru [OC][1600×1066]
Shooting the Milky Way when the Moon is out, Lake Coleridge, New Zealand [10000x4000][OC]
Trees Skeletons of the Namib Desert in Namibia, South Africa [1080x1350] [OC]
“I see the photo of /u/navaneethuk1 of kirkjufell and I raise mine. Same day March 2018 (OC)[1920*14...
Arrowhead Lake, Mammoth Lakes,CA,USA[OC][1024×683]
Obersee, Germany [OC] [3534x4525]
A stunning light display during sunrise at the Snowy Mountain Range in Medicine Bow National Forest,...
Older than Tutankhamun, Caesar and your mom, this ancient Bristlecone is one of the oldest living or...
Upper Antelope Canyon - WOW! Page, AZ - (3024x4032) [OC]
Sunset at 35000ft
Lake Agnes. Hike up for the tea, stay for the view. [OC] [3548x5367]
Shifen waterfall, New Taipei City, Taiwan [OC] [3264x2448]
2018 First snowfall in Yosemite [OC] [1080x1350]
Stunning morning light on lake McDonald [OC] [4000x6000]
“The Light in the Storm 🌥⚡️“ - Hjörleifshöfði Rock, South Iceland [OC] [3276x4096]
As beautiful as it gets. One the most breathtaking places I've seen. Tiger's Nest Monastery, Bhutan....
Taken by me (Feb 2018) at Mt Olympus, New Zealand, as seen in The Lord of the Rings films (5152 x 38...
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England [OC] [3036x4048]
I posted a sunrise photo yesterday from this location. This was taken about 5 min later when the sky...
Grand Teton National Park [OC] [4912x7630]
Misty fall foliage in the White Mountains of New Hampshire [OC][3276x4096]
Pin-Spiti rivers confluence, Himachal pradesh, India. [1350*1350] [OC]
The entrancing Mossbrae Falls (OC) (5472x3648)
Never-Ending Sunsets - Lofoten, Norway [OC][1667x2500]
Nightfall on the White Mountains National Forest, from Mount Liberty NH [OC][3000x2400]
'Resilience' Fairy Lake, Vancouver Island [OC] [2000 × 2500]
Yosemite Valley Reflections (OC) [1920x1280]
Autumn in Springdale, Utah [OC] [3648x5472]
Beautiful morning sunrise in Lafayette, LA,USA. [2048x2048] [OC]
Peyto Lake, Banff National park, Alberta[OC][4096x2304]
Glacier National Park, Montana [1502 x 1126] (OC)
When the weather is bad, sometimes it pays to look at the fine details instead of the grand vista - ...
Snowy sunrise at Bryce Canyon, UT. Definitely a bucket list experience [OC] [4016 x 6016]
Bryce Canyon in the Fall[OC][1350x899]
Japanese Maple at the Japanese Gardens [1334x750] [OC]