Glacier National Park, Montana [OC] (5472 × 3648)

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I captured this massive "vertorama" last summer of the Milky Way over Bonsai Rock, on the east shore...
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Light bursting through the fog in the black forest, southern Germany [OC][2048x960]
Sunrise by Fitz Roy, Argentina [5170x6462] [OC]
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Winter in Lofoten, Norway. [2000x1600][OC]
Alone. Yosemite NP [2230x3518] [oc]
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The type of glow that always makes getting out of bed early worth it. Canmore, Alberta [OC][2048x204...
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Spooky. Lochem Netherlands [5266x3761] [OC]
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nNo one can see like this colorful place ever, it's abotabad in Pakistan 1280x800
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Let there be light! Sunday blasting through the trees hitting the last autumn colours in The Netherl...
Waterfall near Bremerton, WA [3770x4712]
Great Sand Dunes Storm Rising [OC] [2048x1366]
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Feels like another world, Yosemite National Park [OC] [2448x3664]
The mighty hat Mt.Lómagnúpur standing tall among the crystal blue glacial rivers, Iceland. BY Arnar ...
Crimson sky over Lonesome Lake, New Hampshire [OC][3000x2400]
Foggy morning in Honey Harbour, Ontario. (1910x2827)
Somebody Clapped. Mount Pilatus Peak - Switzerland (OC) [4000x3000]