Known as the “jumping” cactus for a reason, these cholla are as painful as they are beautiful! Sunset in the Superstition Mountains, Arizona [OC][800×1200]

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That moment the sun peaks out one last time! Olympic National Park, WA. [1958x2448][OC] Instagram: @...
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Morning Glow 🌅🏔✨ - Beautiful sunrise by Vestrahorn, Southeast Iceland [OC] [1638x2048] - Instagram: ...
Ban Gioc Falls, Cao Bằng, Vietnam | by Brayden Hall [1080x1350]
Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park [3780 x 6720] [OC]
Stairway to Heaven, the ancient Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu in Peru. Machu Picchu, Peru.[129x...
near Öxarárfoss, Iceland [OC][4032*3024]
England really does have its moments (OC) (4032x2268)
Frozen in south central Saskatchewan [2048x2048][OC]
New Zealand (south island) has some of the prettiest sceneries I have ever scene [OC] (3000 x 4000)
Waterfall near Bremerton, WA [3770x4712]
I moved from Germany to New Zealandand now my weekends look like this. Northland, NZ [4096x2731]