Milky Way over some driftwood in Nova Scotia, Canada [OC] 1368×2048

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Early morning in the birch forest. Södermanland County, Sweden. [OC] [6000x4000]
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Cherry Blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. [OC] [4032 x 3024]
This place I found in the middle of Nowhere, Tennessee. 3861x2172
Top of the Zugspitze looking down at lake Eibsee. [OC] (3024x3780)
Blue Mouintains National Park, New South Wales, Australia [1800x1205] by Robert Downie
A beautiful fall day at Devil’s Tower National Park in Wyoming. [OC] [3930 x 2270]
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Sitting on these rocks, my eyes received a visual grandeur that felt like love. British Columbia, Ca...
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Did you know there is another rock like the Old Man of Storr on the isle of Skye ? [950x600]
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Elves Chasm. One of my favorite hikes in the Grand Canyon. (4032x3024)
There's much more to Iceland than just unpronounceable canyons. Bruarfoss, Iceland [OC] [1080x1350]
Staffa, just off the Isle of Mull, Scotland [747x1328]
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Crazy cloud action in Great Sand Dunes National Park[OC][6664x5331]
Everyone thinks I used a black and white filter. Nothing but it’s natural beauty, 100 miles south of...
Where glaciers once carved the earth. Fiordland, New Zealand {OC} (1500x1000)
The light makes this tree look like a Magic card; The Schönbuch, Germany [2000x3000 OC]
Fiery Sunset from the Empty Quarter Abu Dhabi UAE [2000 x 1330] [OC]
Iceland's 'Diamond Beach' is truly unique [OC][1440x1800]
The East coast of Australia [OC] [1080x1350]
Superior Hiking Trail, northern Minnesota. [OC][5796x3900]
Lago do fogo, Sao Miguel, Azores [3456 × 4608] [oc]
[640x1136] [oc] Red sand beach, Maui
Golden light from this past autumn at High Falls. Tettegouche State Park, MN. [2400x3000] [OC] @gran...
Slept in my car to catch Sunrise in Yosemite. Fun fact I also proposed to my Wife that morning! (Pro...
There is no more beautiful place on the East Coast of the US than Acadia (OC)(2110 × 1410)
Sunset through Keyhole Arch on New Year's Day. Big Sur, California [1200x1500]
A remote valley in the Southern Alps of New Zealand @williampatino_photography {OC} (1500x1000)