Mt. Hood in Oregon’s magnificent sunset 🏔 ☀️ [OC] [1792×828]

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I was worried the Oregon coast wouldn't look too great on a cloudy day in October, but nope. It look...
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Keeps getting deleted so Third try! A lil snapshot of my backyard outside of chicago. [750X1334] [OC...
This little tree was the only one lit by a sunbeam in the middle of a forest where almost no light g...
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[OCR]impressive nature that you will never see[1074 x 724] OC
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Too late for a Halloween post, but nevertheless this trail in the local woods looks damn frightening...
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At sunrise, wind blew snow up from the hoodoos to resemble mist. The entire canyon looked like it wa...
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(OC) Shot the best photo I've ever taken on a recent trip to CO. Dream Lake, Estes Park (4160x2080)
Several hours off road through jungle from a remote village in Gabon to reach this Beach at Medras P...
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The Neskowin Ghost Forest in Oregon, where ancient petrified tree stumps protrude from the sand at l...
Remote Islands tend to have a world of their own, Faroe Islands, insta:@theloneglobetrotter (2048 x1...
Fair view look out - Lake Louise [OC] [1080x1616] - September 2018.
Sunrise viewed from Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka [OC] [2048 × 1367]
Hiked for miles and miles all night with backpack… Rain and wind were tough… Moose were attacking. A...
Foggy morning walk. Doetinchem Netherlands [4979x3983] [OC]
This morning in Grand Teton National Park. (OC) (1200x800)
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It took me 8 months and 5,000 miles to get here. All because I saw a post on Reddit. Lake Königssee....
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ZhangJiaJie, China [OC] [2918 x 3648]
Evening in the Olympic Mountains, Washington State [OC] [1988x1326]
Fog rolling in OC, laguna beach. IG: @Jamesliuu [1080x1920] [OC]
Maroon Bells Aspen Co [OC] [2560x1440]
Mount Adams elevated above the Tatoosh Range in Washington (1800x1200) (OC).
So much beauty here in Zion including this one, October 2018 [OC] [2448x3264]
Grand Tetons, Wyoming, July 2016 [OC] [960x540]
Torre Sur (2650m), Torre central (2600m) and Torre Norte (2400m). Together they give name to Torres ...
A blue road, Olympic Peninsula. Been in my to finish list for years and I finally got it right [2171...
Horsetail Fall at sunset, becoming the illustrious "Firefall", Yosemite National Park [OC][3648×5472...
Rockies, meet the prairies. Southern Alberta, Canada [OC] [2000x1350] [IG: @nwel.saturay]
Moonrise over the Washington Cascades [OC][1350x1800]
Kauai from a boat, June 2019 [oc] [3015x3898]
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