Mystic atmosphere at a creek near my parents’ house. Lucerne, Switzerland. [OC][4912×3264]

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Everest, The highest peak of the world,Nepal oc(1100*550)
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Fire and Ice, Iceland (1920x1280)(OC)
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I was lucky to visit Convict Lake, at the Eastern Sierras, California on a windless morning like thi...
EarthPorn Best of 2018 Awards - Nomination Thread
Middle Earth or Washington state? Wallace Falls, WA [OC][3024x4032]
I took this shot at Bridal Falls, BC (OC) ( 5760x 3840)
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Sunrise in Mount Macedon, by @joshdavis23_ [1080x1350]
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Fields of gold in my hometown of Livno, Bosnia. Can't wait for this summer. [2500x1848][OC]
Blossom At Passu Cones Upper Hunza Valley [OC][1067*800]
A single tree affected by the fall, Tuscany, Italy [OC] [1920x1280]
Taken at the top of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. [OC] [3656x2925]
Blood Moon over Finland by Sami Takarautio Photography [768x960]
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Fall colors along Starvation Creek on a stormy autumn morning in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon [O...
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Dreamy Path. Doetinchem Netherlands [3784x4730] [OC]
Drove across the country for this shot- the glorious North Rim of the Grand Canyon. [OC] [4032 x 302...
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A Beautiful Lake - Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta [1920x1080][OC]
In 1999, a man purchased a retired 727 Boeing and has been living in it ever since— Hillsboro, Orego...
Stepping into that new year (Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada) [OC] [960x1200]
Spirit Island, Jasper National Park, Alberta CA [OC][4032x3024]
Leaves are at peak in the White Mountains! Sawyer's Pond, NH [OC][3421x3648]
Shard of Jokulsarlon, Iceland [OC][1250x833]
Colorado has the most beautiful sunsets (640x480)
Above Iceland [4032x3024] (OC)
Adirondack sunrise, NY [OC][1600X2000]
Elowah Falls, Oregon, dappled in morning light. [1800x1200] [OC]
The Everglades, South West Florida [800x500]
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Otherworldly views over the untouched nature of Iceland 🌋✨ [OC] [2912x3640] - Instagram: @h0rdur
I'm a weirdo that cries when I find something overwhelmingly beautiful. This was one of those times....
Found a way into Rocky Mountain National Park this Christmas despite government shut down and road c...
Sunrise at Rundle Mountain, Banff. Canada [OC][3000x2084]
Accidentally opened my window at right time on my flight back from Costa Rica and saw this beautiful...
Windows XP from Astore Valley, Pakistan [2048x1160]
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My first trip to Zion and the Milky Way lined up just right [4480x6720]
Grand Prismatic Spring - Yellowstone National Park [OC] [3000x3000]
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Stunned by these magical beams in the forest, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA [oc][2893x3616]
A magical sunset over Monument Valley, Utah. {1915x2560} {OC} Instagram @z.testa
Humpback breaching in the waters around The San Juan Islands. [OC][2089x1393]
My First Attempt At Durdle Door, England [3000x2000] [OC]
An eruption in the sky over Sassolungo in the Dolomites [2800x1941] [OC]
Mount Fuji with an eruption of stars. [OC][5304x7952]
Mt Rainier under a clear Summer night sky. [OC][2400x1600]
Autumn colours at Devils Punchbowl Falls in New Zealand [OC][2177 × 2721]
Shot I got on a recent trip, lake matheson NZ, incredible reflections [OC] 4096 x 2304
Took a morning hike with my wife. Fall creek trail, OR. 1440 x 2560. [OC]
I took this shot because of the lighting and snow brought those details out so well.Michigan, Marque...