On the way to Mt Besso, Zinal, Switzerland, 8th October 2019 [OC] 3072×1537

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"A song of Ice and Fire" - Duluth, Minnesota sunset at Brighton Beach [5798 × 3865]
Western Norway [OC] [2048 × 1365]
Wildflowers in Telluride [1950x1300] (OC)
Evening at Wyadup Rocks, Western Australia 2362x3543 (OC)
In a way the Moon is a great artist. Patterns created by ebb, the movement of the tide out to sea. P...
The Rockies from 30K feet [2935x2534]
Sacred Falls, Oahu Hawaii [3024 x 4032] [OC]
North Rim, Grand Canyon, US [3232 x 5746]
Pictures don't do justice to the unparalleled beauty you get to experience in these remote islands. ...
Summit of Ostler Peak being lit up at dawn. High Uintas Wilderness. [OC][1417x1080]
Wicklow Mountains, Ireland [1536x1920] [OC]
Today at Moraine Lake [2436x1624] [OC]
Glaciers National Park 3024x4032 (OC)
We have snow in Utah! So does that make this winter? Or is it still fall? Either way, the mountains ...
Purple flowers, pine trees and a monolith. El Cap, Yosemite National Park. [2048x1362] [OC]
The surreal vision of Mt. Fuji at night floating above the clouds [1200x850]
Had no clue Montana was so beautiful (6000x4000)[OC]
Rainforest in Nepal: Taken Along my Trek up Poon Hill [OC] [2799x4199]
Hiked through the rain to capture this. Lynn Canyon in Vancouver, BC [2386 × 3579][OC]
Sunrise at Lake Eibsee (Zugspitze), Germany [2400x3000] [OC] @nico.shoot
Wild stream which I always wanted to take nice picture of but never had a chance. Today's walk was a...
Sunrise on a rocky shore | Ain Sokhna, Egypt [OC] (4386 x 5483)
Sat in a deck chair to get this shot of Langkofel in the Dolomites [1812x2150] [OC]
The beauty of Colorado. Durango, CO. [OC] 3024x3780
Pastel dreams in the Cascade Range, Mount Rainier National Park [OC] [1978 × 2473]
Decided to go on a trip by myself to Sedon, AZ and took this photo while hiking (6009x4807)(OC)
Mountains during my drive through Utah [4096x2726W][OC]
Aspen forest in Spain (OC) [1365x2048]
Ice ice baby! Cerro Torre and icebergs during sunrise in Patagonia (OC) [1333x2000] @rosssvhphoto
The Wanaka Tree on a clear night, New Zealand [OC] [5504x6880] Photographer : @WithLuke
Not all of Oklahoma is flat and boring. Make plans visit the SE part of the state in autumn and you’...
Starved Rock State Park, Oglesby, Illinois. [3024x4032] [OC]
First time to the Grand Canyon. Literally unbelievable. [OC] {1600x2400}
A full moon about to crest the horizon behind Half Dome in Yosemite N.P. [4016x6016] [oc]
Red Castle in the Uintas Mountains [‪4,032 x 3,024‬]
Aspens are pretty neat. [OC] [3000x4500]
My first hike without seeing another soul for over 24 hours. Sequoia National Park [4608 x 3456][OC]
Tongariro alpine crossing in New Zealand [4032x3024] 12-03-2017 [OC]
An early morning in Maroon Bells. [3260x4330] [OC]
Chapel Rock, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore [OC] [2000 × 2996] IG: @jasonckopp
Vernal Fall raging with water in early spring, Yosemite National Park [OC][3648×5472]
Spring Snowstorm in the Mountains, Moab, Utah, USA. [2541x1630] [OC]
Oahu, Hawaii [1080x1920] [OC]
A Beautiful Lake - Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta [1920x1080][OC]
I hiked three hours in the dark through bear/cougar country to be at this spot for sunrise: Big Bend...
Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park [5472 × 3648]
The lake was formed due to a massive landslide at Atta-abad Village in Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltis...
The cliffs of Kerry outside of Portmagee in western Ireland. [OC][6016x 4016]
Tofana di Rozes, Dolomites, South Tirol [OC][1344x1792]
Sunset in Saguaro National Park, Arizona [OC] [2018x4012]
Mt. Hood, Oregon with a fresh coat of snow and evening fog, taken this past weekend [OC] [2000x1333]
Snapshot I took on my way back from work - Beautiful autumn colors [OC] (3456x4608)
Fall in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming [OC] [2941x1500]
The stunning Diablo Lake on Highway 20 in Washington [OC] [4032x3024]
A break in the clouds, Trolltunga, Norway. [4032x3024] [OC]
Perfect winter hike through the forest and the fog, Washington State [OC] [3024x4032]
Sun Rising in Yosemite Valley by Manish Mamtani [5759 x 3839]
Afternoon Fades. Massachusetts, USA. [OC] [3024x4032]
Fallen Trees Surrounded By The Mist. Windermere. The Lake District [OC] [2000x1333]
The Icelandic highlands by Arnar Kristjansson (OS) [1080x1350]
Not as popular as Reddit Lake, but Bow Lake in Banff is also stunning [OC] [2700x1518] @bbgoldm
(OC) Shot the best photo I've ever taken on a recent trip to CO. Dream Lake, Estes Park (4160x2080)
Matterhorn on a clear summer day as seen from a bridge in the town of Zermatt, Switzerland [OC] [352...
Atabad Lake Hunza Pakistan [667×960] [OC]
[2448x3264] Mt. Rainier from a commercial airliner[OC]
This view from a bridge, looking at the Soča river near Bovec, Slovenia. [3024x4032][OC]
Far over the misty mountains cold. Mount Adams, Washington [1800x1200][OC]
Early morning in Eisenerz, Austria [OC][5312x2988]
Morning sun flare peeking past El Capitan filling the valley with a warm glow. Yosemite NP, CA. [OC]...
Fuego Volcano & Milky Way [1600 x 1067] [OC] Guatemala
The wildflower bloom has been great this year at Glacier - Glacier National Park, MT [OC][1080x1920]
Flowers of Antelope Valley, CA [OC [7043×4695]
Norwegian Fjords [OC][3264x2448]
The way this haze rises during a sunset in the Swiss alps [OC] [3387x4516]
First time to Moraine Lake [OC 4032 x 3024]
The Devil's Pulpit, Scotland. Famous for its ruby red water. [4016X6016] [OC]
Milky way over Koh Lipe Island (OC) [1080x1350] @jabisanz
Sunset in the highlands. Isle of Skye, Scotland. [OC][5008x3339]
Testing my new cameras limits! Barlett Lake? AZ [2566x3847] [OC] @brandengt
Hverfjall crater, Iceland [March 2018] [OC] [1205 × 2048]
"Fire in the sky" - From atop the White Mountains, New Hampshire [OC][3000x2002]
North Sister Just outside of Bend, Oregon. Majesty Incarnate. [OC] {4033x2688}
Fire and Ice, Iceland (1920x1280)(OC)
Wild River in Poland. Late summer 2018. The green calm [5984x3376][OC]
Wind is howling on the shore of Portugal [OC] [2048x1332]
Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, Riviera Maya, Mexico [OC] [2048x1536]
Spring Melt Kananaskis, Alberta [2000x3000][OC]
A PNW Trail | [OC] | 3/2/2019 | Mt. Walker, WA | 4016 x 6016
San Juan Forest, Colorado. [OC][4626x2490]
Lake Hawea, New Zealand. [3496 x 4656] [OC]
Crater Lake [5333x3000] [OC]
Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park [1768x1151][oc]
The "Devil's Bathtub" - Ohio [OC][3000x2400]
Unplanned bivouac on a mountain ridge. Kluane National Park, Yukon, Canada. [OC] [1680x1109]
Fitting for the title of this sub... Tuscan hills [OC] [1920x1268]
Montana Forests Lake,USA[XiNature.com][1920×1080]
Beautiful Maryland Fall - and shot in sugarloaf mountain (5410 x 3607)
“The Last Light Castle.” Palouse Falls, Washington, USA. [OC][1080x1350] @natureprofessor