Peace and quiet on Lake Tahoe [OC] [5098×3215]

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The Milky Way rising high above the Catskills Mountains — this is a two shot blend with one tracked ...
Wildlife in Valley of Fire State Park [OC] [2000 x 2500]
Norway's National Mountain, Stetind,Norway[OC][1600×2400]
Mt Cook Ranges New Zealand, Where fantasies of middle earth feel real. (4752x3158)
Double this beauty. Probably the most beautiful lake in Upper Bavaria. [5155x3437][OC]
Deep in the Rocky Mountains (OC) [680x1473]
Entirely alone atop the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, moments before sunrise. New Zealand [5138x6422][O...
The Colorado Rockies [OC][3127x4534]
"Diamonds" in the snow under the Moonlight in Ranua, Finland. BY Jari Romppainen, [1080x1339]
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Bryce Canyon, UT [OC] (3544x4430)
Inspired by a post on this thread, I went to Lago Di Carezza this weekend. I cant say enough about t...
Tew falls, Hamilton, Canada [OC][4032x3024]
The stunning transition between fall and winter in the North Cascades, WA [1600x2000][OC]
Foggy sunrise at Split Oak Forest in Orlando, Florida [OC] [2047x1455]
Blue Dragon river, Portugal [3000x3000]
Fantasy Forests in Sweden (1242x1228) [OC]
Overlooking Sioux Charlie Lake, Montana. [OC][1080x1080]
Volcan Calbuco waking up! Chile 2015 [1728 x 1152] [OC]
Blue Ridge Parkway, NC to VA [1258×1090] [co]
Blood Moon over Finland by Sami Takarautio Photography [768x960]