Roebuck Bay, Western Australia [OC][3640 × 4856]

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California after rain lake Elsinore area [2098*1987](OC)
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Got my feet wet but it was worth it during this nice sunrise at the Lofoten Islands, Norway (OC) [19...
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After a brutal 35 second walk we found ourselves in the unrelentingly treacherous Petrified Forest, ...
Outside of Ouray CO on US hwy 550 [3036x4048] [OC]
Eskaya, El Nido [3264x2448]px [OC]
And Idaho is only famous for its potatoes, smh. My aunt sent this to me at sunrise from her kitchen ...
Paths End, Iceland. [OC][1368x2048]
A beautiful meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park [OC] [5472x3648]
Turquoise Water and Pink Sand, Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda [OC][4000x2998]
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“Morning enlightenment” This is one one of my favorite waterfalls in Washington state. (OC) [3586x53...
Pacific Northwest Cresent Lake trail [1536 X 1024] {O. C.}
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Sedona, Arizona the other week. [OC] [3648x3648]
[OC] Antelope Canyon Stunner Stone Bird on Fire [3024x3780]
Does this count? Great Sand Dunes National Park, 6000x4000 [oc]
Some of the world’s bluest water lies in Oregon’s Tamolitch Blue Pool. Diving is also allowed for th...
I got soaked head to toe right after capturing this in San Francisco, just around the corner from th...
Arkansas has hidden gems. Blanchard Springs, AR [OC][3456x5184]
Ginnie Springs, Florida, USA [OC] [5146x6432]
I really can't get enough of this never ending winter grimness in Norway [OC] [1000x1346]
First day of Fall in the Eastern Sierras [OC][5921 × 3220]
Kauai, Hawaii - scanned 30 y/o slide [7199x4506] [OC]
Calm water and jagged mountains. Reflections at Lago di Carezza, Italy. [OC][3747×4684]
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Fall has made its way even to the California coast [OC] [1620x1081] @pmully94
Big wave in Italy (OC,800x533)
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I'm happiest when I'm hiking, Millerton Lake, CA [OC] [5993x3807]
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This incredible country never fails to amaze me, Grindelwald, Switzerland [OC] [3363×4204]
Reflections at Lake O'Hara, Yoho National Park. Such beauty. [OC] [1730x2242]
Wildflowers & Lavender. Glacier National Park [OC] [1080x1350]
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The northern most point on Isle of Skye, Scotland [3999x5230] [OC]
Yosemite National Park [1080x2220] [OC]
My first glimpse of the Milky Way, Grand Sandhills, Saskatchewan Canada [4016x6016] [OC]
Jeju Island South Korea [649 * 365]
Wave during a storm, Varigotti, Italy [OC, 800x533]
Winter reaches Pacific Spirit Park, Musqueam, vancouver Canada [3024x3780] [OC]
Start night above the fog in the Malibu hills [4000x5000]
The Northwestern most point of the United States...Neah Bay, WA offers nothing but silence and beaut...
Hug Point, Oregon Coast [2633x1481] [OC]
Rigi, Switzerland [OC] [4032x3024]
Perito Moreno Glacier Patagonia, Argentina [1200 x 1600] [OC]
A beautiful autumn sunrise overlooking Twin Lakes, Colorado. [OC] [1615x2048].
A Brilliant Sunset through the Trees in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia (OC) [3420x4275]