Strawberry Canyon, Utah [4032 × 3024]

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The whole day was grey, but got magical real quick just before sunset. Worth sticking around a top a...
[OC] Raglan, New Zealand (1814x2419)
Fall Reflections on the Presumpscot River Windham, Maine USA [OC] [1200x1453]
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This time last year, some buddies and I rented a Jeep and went out deep into the Icelandic Highlands...
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Fairytale forest mood, Ermelo, the Netherlands [2000x1334] [OC]
Was surprised by this view after a 3 hour hike in southern Switzerland. Lac des Vaux - Switzerland [...
I know this picture gets posted all the time on the sub, but here's my take on the Fjaðrárgljúfur ca...
First trip to Sedona did not disappoint! Sedona, AZ. [2026x3024][OC] IG: @grantplace
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Hiked for miles and miles all night with backpack… Rain and wind were tough… Moose were attacking. A...
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Autumn framing a pretty mountain, Waterfowl Lakes, Alberta Canada [OC][4912 x 7360]
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“North of the Wall” A shot from a photo flight in Denali National Park, Alaska. [oc][1200x1464]
Schoodic Point, Winter Harbor, Maine [OC] [3120x4160]
That perfect Washington weather. Alpine Lakes Wilderness. [OC] [3008x3894] [email protected]
I've never felt so small as I did in Yosemite Valley. [OC][4032X3024]
Luray Caverns (4032×3024)
Mardalsfossen Waterfall, Romsdal, Norway. Photo by @skeye_photo [1080 x 1345]
An explosion of fall colors at the base of a cloudy Cerro Castillo, Chile [OC] [4032x3024]
Aerial view of a volcano during daytime, Iceland [OC] [4856×3640]
Mount Herbert with the most active volcano in the Aleutian Chain - Mt Cleveland in the background. A...
Dawn at Whitaker Point in the Ozarks [OC][3000x2400]
Trandal, Norway [OC][6220x3743]
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[Rule Announcement] Photos taken illegally, including flying a drone in a no-fly zone, are hereby ba...
Comet McNaught over the twelve apostles [OC] [1080x1350]
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This shot of Watchman in Zion National Park is posted a lot. I tried to do it little different. [478...
Foggy hike season in Washington [OC] [1536x2048] @hikedailyprn
Looking out from a cave in Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park. [3024x3024][OC]
Dreamy Path. Doetinchem Netherlands [3784x4730] [OC]
This powerful waterfall still rages on, even in the middle of winter - Yellowstone National Park, Wy...
Bear grass in bloom on the trail to Grinnell Glacier. Glacier National Park, Montana. (3124 × 2343) ...
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland [1200x800] [OC]
Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah [OC][3024x4032]
Straight out of The Chronicles of Narnia. Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park, Canada. [3024x3024...
The Hill Inlet, Whitsunday Islands in Queensland Australia from a seaplane [OC] [1800x1200] IG:@paul...
Autumn in Quebec Fjords, Canada. (OC)(1080x1350)
An Elder Elk at a Sandy Lake Staring at the Rocky Mountains. Banff, Alberta [OC] [5184 × 3456]
Mossy Vancouver Island [OC] [1638 × 2048] IG: @seanhphotogrpahy
Huka Falls, Taupo, New Zealand [6016x4000][OC]
A cave in New Zealand & some stars [1365x2048] [OC]
Magic in a German forest [OC][2160x2700]