Sunrise in Grand Teton National Park – Jackson, Wyoming (OC) (5184 × 3456)

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Bastei Bridge, Germany [@viktoriapezzei][1155x770][OC]
The cracked mud playa of death valley, right before a storm rolled in[OC][1080x1350]
Sunset and Stromboli volcano, [OC] 2848 x 2136
The Milky Way over Elephant Rocks, Southeast Missouri [OC] [1939x3000]
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Our here catching texture in Utah, central UTAH, [2784x4176] [OC]
Big Thompson River headwaters meandering through Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park, Color...
I love this pic that I shot on my recent trip.(Vlore, Albania)[OC] [2391x3804]
High effort hike in Washington with even higher payoff. [OC] [3255x2755] [email protected]
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