The lush forests of southern Sweden always surprises me with their beauty. [OC][3024×4032]

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Only a handful of times each year Utah's deserts become blanketed in white. The combination between ...
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After the interest in my picture of the Waimakariri River yesterday, I thought I'd upload a photo fr...
Hawaii picture perfect [2180*2178](OC)
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For me, there's nothing else like a lake with some mountain layers. Taken in the Bernese Alps, Switz...
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Fall in Northern Wisconsin is beyond picturesque [OC] 4000 x 3000
Angel Oak Tree on John's Island, South Carolina. This tree is believed to be over 1000 years old. It...
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Taken 5ft from my front door after arriving in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland [3200 × 4000][OC]
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Aerial view of a volcano during daytime, Iceland [OC] [4856×3640]
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Glacier National Park, Montana. Not a professional by any means, but I was particularly proud of thi...
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Had no clue Montana was so beautiful (6000x4000)[OC]
This scenery was pitch black until the northern lights showed up. Off the beaten track in Lofoten, N...
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Fall time on Vancouver Island in one of the many beautiful forests [OC][2200x1571]Instagram: @Jay.Kl...
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Above my house this morning in Oregon (OC)[1511x2436]
My first Thanksgiving away from home, but Patagonia did not disappoint. [OC] [1886x1257]
Purple flowers, pine trees and a monolith. El Cap, Yosemite National Park. [2048x1362] [OC]
Maori rock carvings, Lake Taupo, New Zealand. The water from the lake is super clear and drinkable. ...
Kilt rock, Scotland [3742 x 5613][OC]
Water spilling over a tide pool. Laguna Beach, California [1200x1500]
Lupins in Iceland [976x1465][OC]
First Light (Tunnel View, Yosemite National Park)[1024x1280][OC]
Cliffs of Moher on west coast of Ireland (1334x750) (OC)
A valley with nearly zero human intrusion. Dzuko valley, Nagaland, India. [OC] [6000x4000]
Diamond Beach in Iceland was like another planet! [1184x1776] [OC]
Looking down at Vernal falls. Yosemite, CA [3024x4032] [OC]
Fall in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming [OC] [2941x1500]
Trolltunga, Norway [OC][3000x1947]
A window to the sky above. Autumn in Upstate NY [1600X2000][OC]
A rare clear day in the middle of wildfire season last year in British Columbia [OC][3840x2743]
Setting sun during the ''winter'' months in Tenerife, Spain by Max Rive (OS) [1080x1350]
Ancient Douglas Sir Grove, Olympic National Park, Washington. (3120x4160)
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia [OC] [3888 × 5184]
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Early snow on Colchuck Peak, the Enchantments, WA [OC][3024x3024]
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Frozen Baikal Lake, photocredits Kristina Makeeva.[980 x 860]
Sunrise at Ouzoud falls, Morocco [OC][6000x3376]
Fall in Minnesota is picturesque [OC] [3024x4032]
[OC] I'm a 17 years old boy from Bavaria and interested in impressive mountain structures. I shot th...
Bryce Canyon Just After Dawn [OC] [4416x3312]
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The Milky Way rising over Le Bons Bay, New Zealand. An hour of exposure time. [OC][2048x1638]
Above and below. Kálfafellstindur. Iceland. [OC][2048x1463]
Yosemite Valley, California [OC] [5723 x 5437]
Got up at 3:45 in the morning for this. Eibsee / Zugspitze (2962 m) in Bavaria, Germany [OC] [4000x2...
Found a way into Rocky Mountain National Park this Christmas despite government shut down and road c...
Sunrise at Vik, Iceland {OC} (1500x1000) @williampatino_photography
New Zealand is so pretty, it's unfair. Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park [OC] [4032x3024]
Mystery passage, the fairytale forest Speulderbos Netherlands [1600x1059] [OC]