The Milky Way core rising over the high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains during this month’s new moon, captured alongside stripes of green and pink airglow [OC] [9999×6666]

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Vik, Iceland [OC] [4032x3024]
Possibly the most beautiful lake in the world - Maligne Lake, Canada [OC][3000x2000]
Lake of the Crags. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA. [OC][1080x1350]
The setting sun makes this cloud look like something from a sci-fi movie. Reno, NV [2048x1536]
The Cascades, Washington State [OC] [3264x2448]
Sky of blue, sea of green in Nova Scotia, Canada. [OC] [4160x6240]
My father just sent me this picture from Serles, Austria [1600x900]
[OC] [1440x2960] A picture of the view in my hometown in southern Sweden. Took this last summer.
Japanese Maple at the Japanese Gardens Portland Oregon [3024x4032] [OC]
Jahaz Banda, Swat, Pakistan [1613x2015]
Chile (ph by Max Rive) [1080x1200]
Autumn colors [OC}{1440x1440}
Mount Bromo in Indonesia by Beboy Photographies [1500x1000]
Grand Tetons under the night sky! 🙂 coincidently captured the Andromeda Galaxy above the Grand Teto...
Saguaros Before Sunrise, Tucson, AZ, USA [933x1400][OC]
Mount Owen, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming [OC] [2832 x 4256]
Winter Night in Utah [OC] [3455 x 5182]
The Narrows, Zion National Park [3212 × 4282][OC]
Sunset over rhododendrons from the Linville Gorge in North Carolina. [OC][3892x5838]
Took a moody afternoon and changed it into a fall sunset. IG:sakithranaweera. [3600x5400] [OC]
It felt like I woke up in Lord of The Rings at the top of Seceda in the Dolomites [1960x2450] [OC]
Frozen winter morning in the Lofoten [OC][960x640]
Somewhere in Australia [OC][1167 x 1431]
Sunset in Ocala National Forest, FL [OC] [2160x2700]
Mighty peaks of the Dolomites, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, northeastern Italy. [1080x1350]px, by Lukas Wat...
Autumn in Bieszczady Mountains, Poland [OC] [1365x1706]
November Hike - Emerald Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. [OC][4032x1960]
Bird's eye view of mountains, Switzerland [OC] [2592 × 3888]
Just another day in paradise. Kauai, HI [1920 x 1080] [OC]
Sunrise at Yosemite [OC][6039 × 2942]
Gorgeous Pangong Lake, Ladakh, India. [OC] [1080×1350]
Beautiful sandstone strata in the Coyote Buttes, Arizona [3024x4032] [OC]
Saxer Lücke, Switzerland [4000x6000] [OC]
Braved my fear of darkness during this night hike through Little Lakes Valley in the Sierras, Califo...
Sunset at the stunning Grand Canyon [3262 × 4904]
Iceland from above {OC} (1500x1000)
Nature's infinity pool at 16,000 feet. On a climb in Bolivia. [5184 x 3456][OC]
Sri-Lanka, Akurala Beach [3040x4056] [OC]
Brandywine Falls near Vancouver BC [OC][3464x4618]
O Quy Ho pass, Sapa, Vietnam (OC) (4033x1960)
I’m Shook: First Time Visiting Yosemite [OC] [4032 x 3024]
I wonder why they call it Canyonlands... [OC] [6016 × 3760]
I think I found the secret entrance to Moria. Yosemite National Park [OC] [3987 × 5973]
A tree, a lake, and a bonus mountain goat at Glacier National Park, MT [OC][3024x4032]
One of the first (serious) photos I ever made (2015) and still one of my favorite winter shots [OC][...
Not Moraine Lake, Switzerland [3264 x 4928]
It may not have the mountains of America or the Alps, but the UK is definitely EarthPorn worthy [OC]...
Sunrise in the forest. Westendorp the Netherlands [OC] [4000x5000] insta: @ingmvr_
Vermillion Lakes, Banff [OC] [2061x4236]
Frozen Plitvice Lakes waterfalls on a New Years day. Was lucky that new fresh snow fell when we woke...
They may not be as big, but Southern Utah's waterfalls are just as majestic as the greats of the PNW...
[OC] Cherry blossoms in Berlin, DE [1080x1620]
Norway is like a dream (1920x1080)
Ireland not looking like Ireland [OC] [3406 × 4257]
Sunset after a storm - the Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado river [OC][3000x2000]
Pacific Coast Highway near Bixby Creek Bridge [OC] [3623x5435]
The first dusting of snow has hit the mountains at Creag Meagaidh, Scotland, UK [1080x1620] [OC]
Boulder, cliffs and thrift flowers, Handa Island, Scotland [3264x2448] [OC]
Fall along the Timberline Trail - Mt Hood, OR [3024x4033]
Springtime in the Columbia River Gorge [OC] [2002x2560]
The Matterhorn under a golden sky [1600×1600]
Oak Creek, Arizona [OC] [4416x3312]
Sunset on Tom Thomson Lake, Algonquin Park [OC] [4000x2670]
[3578x4472] [OC] Kananaskis Country, Alberta
Caught this awesome sunset on a remote island off the coast of Maine! [OC][2000x1335]
Earth’s Eye - Icelandic Highlands [OC] [1638x2048] - Instagram: @h0rdur
A stunning light display during sunrise at the Snowy Mountain Range in Medicine Bow National Forest,...
Rivendell or PNW? OC [4000x2560]
Such a popular view in my area but dang it never gets old. The three sisters in Canmore Alberta. [OC...
One of the coolest canyons I've seen - Fjadrargljufur, Iceland (4909 x 3248) [OC]
Hodge Close Quarry in the UK. Took this last summer but didn’t realise how nice this picture was. I ...
Iseltwald, Switzerland [OC] [4000x3000]
Thunderstorms developing at 37,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean [2500x1669] [Santiago Borja]
The Deadly Bells. Colorado. [1000 x 3000] (OC)
Majestic creature from Ethiopia (The Mountain Nyala) [683x1024]
Thor's Well, Oregon Coast [2048x1367] [OC]
I finally went to Yellowstone and saw Morning Glory [OC] [1651 x 1238]
Remote Islands tend to have a world of their own, Faroe Islands, insta:@theloneglobetrotter (2048 x1...
Jones Lake near Hope, BC is creepy but beautiful with all of its tree stumps. I got up close to one ...
A jewel of ice capturing the sunset on Diamond Beach, Iceland [2350x1700] [OC]
Fiery sunrise over Tettegouche Park in Northern Minnesota [OC] [3962x4952]
Northern lights in Lofoten (Norway) [OC] [1800x1188]
Taken at the top of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. [OC] [3656x2925]
You most likely have not seen the Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado like this before... [OC] [3654 x 45...
Tree ferns - Dandenongs, Australia [OC] [1080x1350]
Sunset while walking my dog, Suffolk, UK [OC] [3120x4160]
On top of the world in winter, Roy's Peak, New Zealand [2000 × 2500][OC]
Copper Coast, Waterford , Ireland [OC] 3276x4096
Arches NP is out of this world. Moab, USA [OC] [4016x6016]
Diamond Beach, Iceland [OC][2688x1242]
Transylvania [OC] [4656x3492]
Sunset on Lake Joanna in Eustis, FL [OC] [750x1233]
White Sands National Park Under Moon Light [OC][4032x3024]
Less exotic than other places but still beautiful, Caldey Island, South West Wales, UK [OC][4032x302...
The waters of Antarctica [unknown artist] [1024 × 682]
San Simeon, California [2880x2160] [OC]
My favourite view in the world, up in the hills of a remote corner of Corsica [5450x3100] [OC]
Comet McNaught over the twelve apostles [OC] [1080x1350]
Other famous tree in Louisiana [3024x4032] [OC]