The rugged coast of Fiordland, New Zealand {OC} (1500×1000) ig:@williampatino_photography

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Fall foliage in Utah mountains 3680 x 2840 (OC)
Not an expert level photo, but one of the best I’ve taken. Mount Rainier and Myrtle Falls. Mount Rai...
Taken out the window of our plane. Mount Rainier. [OC] 756x1008
Blue Pools in New Zealand [OC] [3624x2448]
Never ending layers of Canyonlands NP [OC] [10896x7671]
A late afternoon at the lake in Flims, Switzerland (OC) (3840 × 4800)
Sunset Under Glow Over the Grand Tetons from Schwabacher's Landing - Oct 3rd [OC] [1200x675]
A very beautiful waterfall in Brazil 🇧🇷. The water was so clean and clear [2436x 1125]
Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador. Sat atop this 30-meter observation tower for 2 hours in the rain to get ...
The First Snow on Mount Mansfield, Underhill, Vermont [OC][4032x3024]
This photo required no hardship, I walked 200ft from a parking lot. Keyhole Rock, Big Sur[OC][3572x2...
Touchdown on Mars. Well, not really. White Pocket, AZ [OC] [1680x1680]
Golden larches along Lolo Creek, Montana [5586x3712] [OC]
Nā Pali Coast, Kaua'i, HI [OC] [3024x4032]
Beauty of the Faroe Islands [OC] [4032x3024]
Full Moon Over Mt. Hood, Oregon [OC] [2500x2000]
Majesty of the Grand Tetons, WY [OC] [5600 × 4000]
Last October, I went on a solo road trip through Utah. This is one of my favorite photos from the jo...
First Light at Lesmurdie Falls, Western Australia (oc) 2362 x 3544
I finally went to Yellowstone and saw Morning Glory [OC] [1651 x 1238]
A few days ago I posted a photo of Maroon Bells, CO to this sub and received an extreme amount of ba...
Good Night Zion National Park, Utah. [1599x2000] [OC]
The most powerful current in the world. Saltstraumen, Norway [OC] (6000x4000)
Mount Cook, New Zealand [OC] [2400x3000]
High winds above Hout Bay, South Africa making the sunset go a little further [1202x1800] [OC]
Roebuck Bay in Broome, Western Australia [3414x4267][OC]
Into the Mist - Bridal Veil Falls by Brandon Yoshizawa [4016 x 6016]
Patagonia is something else. Sunrise at Torres del Paine (Torres del Paine National Park - Chile) [O...
Deadvlei Namibia [1920x2560][OC]
Lago di Barcis, Italy. [OC] [960 x 720]
The fine sand of Teulada beach, Sardinia/Italy by Filippo Soru. [978x1304]
"New Beginning" - Sunrise over Lake Superior at Brighton Beach in Duluth, MN [5908 × 3939]
Beautiful sunrise over the North Shore in Minnesota [OC] [3962x4952]
British summer weather over in the Peak District! [OC] [1500x1500]
Spruce Knob, West Virginia. [4000x6000][OC]
Lake Tahoe, Nevada [OC] [3006 x 4008]
Surreal views at Vinicunca Mountain in Peru at 5,200m/17,060ft [2048x2560][OC] instagram: @z.testa
[OC] Peruvian highlands near Urubamba, shot at almost 13.000 feet (4898 x 3265)
Zion National Park [4000x6000] [OC]
(Jerome courtial) sun set on vernazza [OC] [1334 x 1000]
One of the best experiences of my life Gullfoss, Iceland [4608x3456] [OC]
A spectacular storm erupting over the mountains of Italy [1600x2000] [OC]
A beautiful sunrise over Mt. Hood yesterday morning [OC] [2549x1703]
MilkyWay in the French Calanques of Marseille (4016x5020) [OC]
I feel like desert scenes don’t get enough attention on this sub. Golden hour in the Thar Desert, In...
Blue Springs, North Island, New Zealand [OC] [4032 x 3024]
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland [OC] [7296x5472]
One of the finest reflection I have ever seen. Lago di Carreza (Italy) [1200x850]
Captured this area leach lake mn (4000×3000) [oc]
MilkyWay rising over 3 Fingered Jack, Oregon [OC] [1624x1082]
Nusa Penida, Bali by Kevin Sauzeat [1080x1345]
Fälensee, Appenzell, Switzerland, 3024x4032, [OC]
Montana Forests Lake,USA[][1920×1080]
California after rain lake Elsinore area [2098*1987](OC)
Panorama I took a year ago on my first solo backpacking trip. Vang Vieng, Laos. [OC] [4573x3430]
5 Torri, Italian Dolomites [OC] (2990×3990)
Waves of green in Tuscany [OC] [1920x1163]
Hidden Lake In Glacier National Park, Montana [Oc] [3648 X 4560] [@Namesnotmark]
Naturally framed waterfall in Illinois. [OC][1536x2048]
Fresh morning, Winterberg Germany .[2000x2500] [OC]
Jaw dropping view on our way to Eldorado Glacier, Chile [OC] [1280x960]
Walking Into The Mist. The Lake District, England [2000x1333] [OC]
Potters Pond, UT [OC] 2974 x 2974
A Small Stream Near My House [OC][2000x3000]
Godzilla's final resting place ( Skypond, Colorado) [OC] [4823x3695]
I Hiked 18 Miles in One Day to Capture the Beautiful Enchantments Trail in WA [OC] [4608 × 3072]
I think I found the secret entrance to Moria. Yosemite National Park [OC] [3987 × 5973]
Autumn on the river Brathay, The Lake District [OC] [2000x1333]
The Milky Way twinkling high above the Rocky Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO [OC][1354...
Arizona night sky (1382x697)
Winter begins in the Wasatch, Sundance, Utah [OC][2800x4200]
Alone fishin' in the fog [1068x1600] [OC]
Wildflowers in Telluride [1950x1300] (OC)
Took a morning hike with my wife. Fall creek trail, OR. 1440 x 2560. [OC]
Windy day on a lonely beach in Scotland [OC] [2048 x 1367]
Winter's Milky Way - Colorado River near Moab, UT [5472x3648][OC]
Peace and serenity (Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada) [OC] [3944x4930]
Some of the coolest icy reflections I have ever seen [Norway] [OC] [1365x1652]
One of the coolest canyons I've seen - Fjadrargljufur, Iceland (4909 x 3248) [OC]
Touching the Boundary between Earth and Space. Swiss Alps [OC] [2988x5312]
Wandered by headlamp to catch pre-sunrise color on the Three Sisters [OC][1365x2048]
First time in Banff National Park - Banff, Calgary, CN [4032 x 3024] [OC]
Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland [1024 × 678] [OC]
Took this shot on 1st January 2017 on a hiking trail. The whole wood in Weinheim (Germany) was froze...
An explosion of light at Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan [2048x1365][OC]
The last of the days light on Mt. Shuksan. [1080x1350] [OC]
Kvernufoss, Iceland [OC][2048x1365]
Lago di Braies, Italy [OC] [2731x3413]
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park. [3968x2976]
Moonlight over Cadini di Misurina, Dolomites Italy [OC] [1080x1350] @enniopozzetti
Yosemite is hauntingly beautiful in the winter [OC] [4032 x 3024]
Niagara Falls Sunrise from the Canadian side [5000x2813][OC]
Western Tasmanian coastline. [OC][1638x2048]
Peričnik Waterfall, Slovenia [OC][2592x4608]
Fall colours in Mono Cliffs Park in Ontario, Canada. [OC] (1080 x 1300)
Night sky over a mountain village. Himachal Pradesh, India [OC] [2000 x 2500]
A double rainbow the other evening at the cliffs of Moher, Ireland. I still can't believe how lucky ...
Godafoss Iceland (6000x4000) OC
Bruarfoss, Iceland (5472x3648)