Vik, Iceland [OC] [4032×3024]

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Billions of stars at Huascarán National Park in Peru [2500X1406][OC]
Mt Cook Ranges New Zealand, Where fantasies of middle earth feel real. (4752x3158)
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My happy place: Wind River Range [OC][6000x4000]
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A very beautiful waterfall in Brazil 🇧🇷. The water was so clean and clear [2436x 1125]
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Otherworldly views over the untouched nature of Iceland 🌋✨ [OC] [2912x3640] - Instagram: @h0rdur
Golden Hour on Dead Man's Cove, WA [OC] [2000x3000]
Early morning in the birch forest. Södermanland County, Sweden. [OC] [6000x4000]
Wildlife preserve in Costa Rica [OC] [2268 x 4032]
Bridal Veil Falls, Rosedale, BC, Canada [2736x3648] [OC]
Sava Bohinjka, Ukanc (by Lake Bohinj), Slovenia.[4032x3024][OC]
Stone Pillars at Zhangjaijie, China [3024x4032] [OC]
Milky way rising above a lone tree Bay of Fires, Australia (1200x1161) (OC)
Hiking in the french alps was absolutely unreal! Chamonix, France [OC][4032x3024]
Bruarfoss, Iceland (5472x3648)
I walked around a bend and came upon this happy little waterfall - Dolomites (3245 x 4916) [OC]
Mt. Rainier is one of the most underrated national parks in United States. Pic taken yesterday [2436...
Evening glow in a central Florida pine sandhills ecosystem a couple weeks ago [OC] [2048x1365]
Bow Lake, Alberta. [OC]. [3148 x 4724]
I've never felt so small as I did in Yosemite Valley. [OC][4032X3024]
Sunset sky - England [4034 x 3024] [OC]
Lago di Carezza - Karesse - Italy [OC][3458x3452]