We have such a beautiful planet… Yellow Stone National Park (OC) [1920×1108]

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Good morning Reddit, Portland Maine greets you! [4288x2848] (OC) 3/18/19
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Got up at 4:30 for a sunrise hike with some friends. Was not disappointed! Humpback Rocks, VA [OC] [...
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Just some moving water, a rock, and many years. Yellowstone National Park. [2048x1365][OC]
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Icelandic glacial streams look like veins when viewed from high above in a plane. Probably my favori...
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San Francisco's famous summer fog sweeps across the hills of Marin County, catching the last rays of...
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Angel Oak Tree on John's Island, South Carolina. This tree is believed to be over 1000 years old. It...
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Wild stream which I always wanted to take nice picture of but never had a chance. Today's walk was a...
Washington [oc] 5760x3840
The Stunning Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park,Alberta, Canada [5786x3633] [oc]
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Stunning Aurora Borealis. Norway. (Heitmann Photography) [766x960]
Near the summit of Mount Blanc [OC][4032x3024]
Took this sunset shoot during a very very low tide in Redondo Beach, CA. [2900x3868] [OC] [IG: @suns...
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Unnamed falls around 50 miles from Cherrapunjee, Meghalay. One along many waterfalls along my trek. ...
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Northern Minnesota sunrises are hard to beat [OC] [3962x4952]
St. Mary Falls at Glacier National Park [4608 × 3456] [OC]
[OC] Fall in the Adirondacks, Indian Head [4000x6000]
Walking through the woods of Mt. Hood National Forest [OC] [5184 × 3456]
Under the stars in the Willamette Valley. OR [oc][1533x2300]
Everyone compares this place to Fangorn from LOTR. I can see why... Dartmoor National Park, England!...
Acadia National Park located in Bar Harbor, Maine. [6000x4000] [OC]
Foggy forest above Sveta Nedelja, Croatia [OC] [1707*2560]
My recent trip to O’ahu, top of Makupu’u Point. [4032x3024]
Autumn Rainbow in Oregon [OC][4536x2552]
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Cape Foulwheather, Oregon coast [960x1200] [OC]
A jewel of ice capturing the sunset on Diamond Beach, Iceland [2350x1700] [OC]
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Sunset in The Netherlands [952 × 1192] [OC]
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Yosemite in the Fall [OC] [3024x4032]
Kamboulder, Western Australia [1080x1350] [OC]
The Lonely Tree, Llyn Padarn, North Wales [4994 * 4000] OC By Ste Clayton
[3578x4472] [OC] Kananaskis Country, Alberta
Costa Rica, near the Turrialba volcano [720x898]
Schoodic Point, Winter Harbor, Maine [OC] [3120x4160]
The Milky Way and Moonset at Mount Rainier National Park, WA [OC] [1920x2400]
Unnamed pond during autumn in New England. (Shot on Film) [OC][1200x800]
Sunlight hitting a snowstorm at one of my favourite beaches in the world, Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten ...
Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland [OC] [5458x3639]
I know not everyone likes dark winter days, but I find this twilight soothing and mysterious. In Rei...
Manatee springs state park in Florida. No editing needed. [2,960x1,440]
"A song of Ice and Fire" - Duluth, Minnesota sunset at Brighton Beach [5798 × 3865]
First Light (Tunnel View, Yosemite National Park)[1024x1280][OC]
Hugo Peak in Eatonville, WA [OC] [3024x4032]