Woke up at 4AM to drive and enjoy sunrise in Yosemite [OC][2500×3750]

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I've spent the last few years living in Switzerland and going out to the alps whenever I get the cha...
First Light at Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park - (OC) 5079 × 3386
Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia [OC] [4160 × 2080]
Sun rays blasting through the trees on an autumn morning, The Netherlands (1920x1281)[OC]
Blue hour. Shot in Himachal Pradesh, India. (4896x3268) (OC)
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I'd love to receive critiques! Crocus flowers in Campitello, Molise, Italy. [3946x5919]
Canyonlands, UT [OC] (3024x4032)
Upper Lena Lake during the wildfires this summer, Olympic NP [OC] [3005x4507]
[2242x3992][OC] Loop Brook In Glacier National Park Canada
Fog made my morning hike feel like an enchanted forest - Sweetcake Mountain, Connecticut [OC][3000x2...
Winters sunrise on Goulburn River, Victoria, Australia. [6591x4394] [OC]
Sunset through Keyhole Arch on New Year's Day. Big Sur, California [1200x1500]
Syötteen kansallispuisto by Jari Romppainen (OS) [1080x1350]
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One of the most beautiful place on earth. Pangong Tso, Ladakh, India. (4032x3024) [OC]
Martvili Canyon, Georgia (country) [OC] [1600 × 2400]
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park - Alberta, CA [1220x915][OC]
A foggy sunrise in Upstate New York [OC][1600X2000]
Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park [OC] 4032 px x 3024 px
Superior Hiking Trail, northern Minnesota. [OC][5796x3900]
The Dragon's Eye, Uttakleiv Beach, Norway [1367x2048][OC]
The first dusting of snow has hit the mountains at Creag Meagaidh, Scotland, UK [1080x1620] [OC]
Headlands of Mendocino, California, USA [OC] [3456 × 4608]
Springtime in the Columbia River Gorge [OC] [2002x2560]
Land of Fire and Ice - Midnightsun in Iceland 🇮🇸 [OC] [2241x2769]
A rare windless morning in Patagonia delivers the goods! [OC][3000x2000]
Path To The Grove. Hollingworth, England. [3265x4898] [OC]
Several hours off road through jungle from a remote village in Gabon to reach this Beach at Medras P...
Lesser known Colorado landscape, Pike National Forest, CO [OC][2808x1872]
Gandalf makes an appearance in Mirkwood - Goldstream Provincial Park, BC [OC] [3266x4899]
Prairie preserve in my hometown. Untouched gem of the loess hills in the middle of my city of wester...
Cascade Canyon Sunrise - Grand Teton National Park, WY-USA [OC][1200x889]
Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. I didn't hike all day to get here, it's ~50 feet from the...
Clearing winter storm in Rocky Mountain National Park [OC][1367x2048]
Night sky above Mt. Rainier on a foggy night [OC] [799x1200]
First visit to Mt. Rainer. It's so massive it doesn't look real | Mt. Rainier, Washington [OC] (3000...
Beautiful morning sunrise in Lafayette, LA,USA. [2048x2048] [OC]
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Sunrise in the Canadian Rockies [OC][5660x3773]
Lava creeping down the Big Island cliffs, Hawaii [OC] [4608 x 3134]
Frozen Baikal Lake, photocredits Kristina Makeeva.[980 x 860]
Winter cometh to Mt. Hood, Oregon. [OC] {2457x3276}
Lake Minnewanka, AB, Canada [4032X3024] [OC]
Perfect place to take in Yangshuo, China [OC] [4608x3456]
Drangarnir, Faroe Islands [OC] 2048x1364
A pastel sunset over Mount Baker, one of my favorite peaks. Washington State [OC] [3582 x 3582]
Sunset near Quebec City, Canada [2048 × 2848]
Cathedral Lake outside of Aspen, CO. [OC][2448x2448]
Smoky Mount Thielsen, Oregon [2769x2769] [OC]
A brief glimpse into heaven, somewhere across the American West. BY Scott Kranz, [1080x1350]
Lush sub-alpine forest in Lassen Volcanic NP [OC] [2160x2700]
Comet McNaught over the twelve apostles [OC] [1080x1350]
[OC] Sudbury, Ontario. First crack at an EarthPorn this morning. (4600x2300)
Sunrise at a Norwegian Fjord 🇳🇴 [OC] [2637x3500]
I proposed here, she said yes! Rhododendron forests, Nepal, Machapuchare (fish tail) peak in the bac...
Greenery in the Olympic Nat'l Forest [OC] [961x1440]
The Grandest of Canyons [OC] [3000×2000]
A remote valley in the Southern Alps of New Zealand @williampatino_photography {OC} (1500x1000)
An underwater forest in the mountains. Kazakhstan’s Almaty region (990x663) (Photo: Maxim Petrichuk/...
Late day storm over a juniper tree in Canyonlands NP [OC][6720x4480]
The Enchantments, Washington State taken by my dad, Glen Acord [OC] [3024 x 4032]
Beautiful norwegian landscape near lofoten [4000x3000] [OC]
Lake Fiorenza near Monviso, Italy [2985×3980] Instagram: @phaaze
Cape Kiwanda, Oregon [OC][4032x3024]
A blue road, Olympic Peninsula. Been in my to finish list for years and I finally got it right [2171...
Fall has arrived in the Eastern Sierras, CA [OC][3984x6000]
The brightest photo I’ve ever taken at 2am. Wastwater, Lake District, UK [OC] [946 x 2048]
Glacial rivers of Torres del Paine [OC] [934x1400]
Monument Valley, Utah [3024 x 4032] [OC]
The first storm of the 2018 south central Saskatchewan season, May 2018 [2048x1152][OC]
Lake Superior in -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Split Rock, MN. [2449x3024][OC] Instagram: @grantplace
Morning light at this island off the north shore of Lake Superior in MN [OC] [3360x5040]
A foggy sunrise in the Adirondacks in NY[1333X2000][OC]
Sleepy autumn time. Norway. [OC] [1334x2000]
The Milky-way over Queenstown, NZ on a cold winters night (1079x1335) (@south_of_home)
A moment in Iceland {OC} (1500x1000) insta: @williampatino_photography
As an East Coaster, I was completely blown away by what the West Coast had to offer. McWay Falls, Ca...
Maybe not Switzerland but its in my homeland. Troglav mountaintop in Bosnia. [OC] [2000x3000]
West Coast, New Zealand [3024x4032] [OC]
First sun after days of rain in Yosemite Valley. Made the whole place steam up.. [OC] [3200 x 4000]
Golden hour in Newport Beach, CA [2626 x 1968] [OC]
Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park under the Milky Way [OC][1950x2600]
[OC] Bad Münster, Germany The Greenhole [3480x4680]
My first post on reddit! Oneida falls set like a stage with a perfect spotlight! Ricketts Glen [OC][...
Star trails over Mount St. Helens from Yale Lake [4000 x 6000] [OC]
'Golden Hour' Perth hills, Western Australia (OC) 2362 x 1575 davidashleyphotos.com
Brandywine Falls, Whistler BC Canada [OC] 7952x7913