Yosemite Falls at sunset [OC] [3276×4096]

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EarthPorn Best of 2018 Awards - Nomination Thread
Loch Shiel, Scottish Highlands - location used for the Hogwarts Lake [2304x1536] [OC]
The breathtaking cliffs of Étretat in France [OC] [6000 x 4000]
On the way to Everest Base Camp [OC][1440 × 1800]
A beautiful autumn sunrise overlooking Twin Lakes, Colorado. [OC] [1615x2048].
Nā Pali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii [OC] [3024x4032]
Switzerland was by far my favourite [OC] [3712x4640]
Iguacu - Aregntina [3627 × 3627][OC]
Fall colors in Moscow, Idaho [5284x3523] [OC]
Amazing landscape in Pakistan. [OC] [1440x2560]
Forest obelisk. This is why I don't mind hiking in the forest when it's pouring rain. North Vancouve...
Glacier National Park, Montana [OC] [1334x750]
This forest in Washington State I walk through every day to get to my classes [4200×2800]
A misty Vermont morning (4000-6000)
Green airglow over the mountain of Vestrahorn, Iceland [1600x2000] [OC]
Tryfan Sunset, Snowdonia, Wales [OC] 1080x1350
[OC] 4048 X 3036 Waterfalls walk at Lawson, Blue Mountains, AU.
I stay there freezing to death for 2 hours - Sky became pink 1 hour after that - Iceland [OC][2048*1...
Lake 22, Cascade Mountains, WA [4032 x 3024] [OC]
Napa Valley, California [2299x2299][OC]
The most picturesque place I've ever seen! Jenny Lake, WY. [OC] (4032x3024)
A remote canyon on the South Coast of Iceland, way too hard to pronounce or spell [634x951]
Other famous tree in Louisiana [3024x4032] [OC]
Golden minute, Kálfafellstindur, Iceland. [OC][1638x2048]
Quiet morning at lake Hintersee, Bavaria, Germany [5472x3648] [OC]
I've been looking for a lone tree for ages, today I finally found one. Oxfordshire, UK [oc] [2000x13...
I Hiked 18 Miles in One Day to Capture the Beautiful Enchantments Trail in WA [OC] [4608 × 3072]
Would you look at the old town road? [OC] 2169x2711
The First Sign of Fall, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland [3000x4500] [OC]
Moody weather in Jotunheimen, Home of the giants NP, Norway [OC] [1280x1920]
Tunnel View at Yosemite National Park, CA [OC] [1766x2208]
"Black Forest" – Foggy Forest along Black Mountain Trail, CA [OC] [3000x2000]
This evening's moonrise over the Bavarian Alps. [OC][4288x2702]
Na Pali coastline Kauai, Hawaii [OC][1125x819]
Early morning on the Foothills Parkway in East Tennessee [OC] [4032x3024]
Near the top of Vitosha, Bulgaria, on the last day of 2018. [4032×2364] [OC]
Glacier National Park, Montana USA [OC] 4288x2848
The scale of Mt. Rainier just doesn't make any sense. A glacier, a river, a lake, a valley, a forest...
Glowing Arizona Sunset [OC] [2000x1333]
Beach rock erosion, Wollongong NSW [OC] [2925x2051]
Mount Robson, BC, Canada (1920x1080) (OC)
The Milky Way in Hungary [OC] [1200*626]
Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland - [2448x3060] [OC]
Did you know there is another rock like the Old Man of Storr on the isle of Skye ? [950x600]
Keeps getting deleted so Third try! A lil snapshot of my backyard outside of chicago. [750X1334] [OC...
Nusa Penida, Bali by Kevin Sauzeat [1080x1345]
First time I saw the Matterhorn in Switzerland [OC][2048x1365]
View from the Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park, Montana. [OC] [4032 x 2268]
Orion rising above Mt Rainier on a clear moonless night, Washington State [OC] [1950x2436]
Can you feel through the photo that it was my last day of vacation. Bosnia, Livno [OC] [2500x1647]
One Year Ago, Moody Weather at Grand Canyon, AZ, USA [930x1400][OC]
Only spent a day there, but it was constantly breathtaking. Golden Hour in Zion National Park, [1500...
Fruity Pebble rocks, Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, MT [OC] 1500x850
In 10 years of photography and hiking, I've never seen light like this. It's not even the famous vie...
'Bad' weather doesn't mean bad photographs. Moody afternoon in Iceland (OC)[1920x1280]
This is the most capturing scene I’ve taken a picture of in a long time. The light and fog created a...
From the land of the rising sun, Sakura (cherry c blossoms, are in full effect - Kyoto, Japan. [OC] ...
Golden Ears Provincial Park, Vancouver B.C [OC] (3024X4032)
Rainbow mountains Peru, 5200m [OC] [6000x4000]
Glymur, one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland. The journey to get here as spectacular as the view...
Morskie Oko, Poland. [1440x2560] [OC]
These hills are relocated chunks of Mount St Helens from when it erupted [OC] [4032x3024]
Autumn fog in the North Cascades. [oc] 4016x5020
One of the largest and least accessible waterfalls in the world, Kaieteur Falls in Guyana [OC] [4000...
Walking on the salt flats of Death Valley, California [oc][1533x2300]
[OC] Wei Sawdong falls, Meghalaya, India. As surreal as it could be, [2476x2885]
Wanaka, New Zealand [3999x5230] [OC]OC
The Flatirons Boulder, Colorado [1920 x 1080]
Morning in the forest and a very old incense cedar tree, Lake Tahoe, Ca. [900x1125] Anthony Bonafede
The Flatirons of Boulder, CO on Fire this Morning [OC] [4774x7157]
Sunset behind Santa Elena Canyon at Big Bend National Park, TX, USA. [OC] [4032×3024]
Sunset in the highlands. Isle of Skye, Scotland. [OC][5008x3339]
morning atmosphere in the very south of Bavaria, Germany [OC] [3751x2501]
Cannon Beach, Oregon [5184x3456] [OC]
Great Lakes during the Polar Vortex by Joshua Stevens at NASA Earth Observatory [7800x8031]
Antelope Canyon, Arizona [OC] [3456x4608]
Gorgeous early evening light illuminating the White River at the base of Mount Rainier, WA [1600x106...
One of the most beautiful lakes in Germany: Hintersee [1334x889][OC]
So natural frames are the theme-of-the-week? Here's an autumn mountainside next to Lake Tahoe [2000x...
Just a simple picture of some very green trees. Somewhere in Northern Kyrgyzstan. [2784x3480][OC]
LOTR style sunrise, Snowdonia National Park, Wales {OC} (1500x1000) insta: @ablokecalledtom
As the rain cleared. Fiordland, New Zealand {OC} (1500x1000) @williampatino_photography
California's beautiful coast - McWay Falls, Big Sur, CA [OC][2632x1885]
Kananaskis, Alberta. [OC] [4896 x 3268]
Fall larches in the North Cascades [3200x4000] [OC]
I proposed here, she said yes! Rhododendron forests, Nepal, Machapuchare (fish tail) peak in the bac...
Forest near Oldenburg, Germany [3648 × 5472] [OC]
A beautiful night under the stars in Yosemite National Park [1600x1055] [OC]
As I spend hours upon hours working inside, my heart brings me back to Lake Grinnel at Glacier Natio...
Sunny morning after snowy night, Boulder, Colorado [OC] [1500x1005]
Chilling at Crater Lake, Oregon [750 x 1334]
Crystal clear waters meet peak autumn foliage at the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan [OC][3640x4...
Another Zion image, but this is the narrows [OC] [4032 X 3024]
Iceland’s colors! Standard views right off of the ring road. [oc] 1200x1600
Taughannock Falls looking astounding in the rain yesterday [OC][3000x2400]
A dead tree still has something to offer. Glacier Lake, Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon, USA. [OC][1080...
The rugged and colorful coastline of Big Sur, CA. One of my favorite places on Earth [OC] [3200 x 40...
My first visit to the Pacific North West; the landscape far exceeded my expectations. Carson, Washin...
[OC] Amazing Sunrise in the Eastern Sierra Nevada - California (1600x1280)