Yosemite Valley, California [OC] [5723 x 5437]

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The lake was formed due to a massive landslide at Atta-abad Village in Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltis...
Merry Christmas from Hawaii [6000x4000] [OC]
I don't live near the most spectacular nature, but i thought this was pretty sweet (November in Denm...
Blue Lake, North Cascades, Washington,USA[Locationscout][2048×813]
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Midnight at a river in Utah. Zion National Park, UT. [2419x3024][OC] @grantplace
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I woke up to thick fog yesterday morning, and I don't think a forest looks better in any weather - C...
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I was hoping to see the northern lights on this crystal clear night in Iceland but didn't have any l...
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One of my favorite 2018 sunsets over the Rideau River in Ontario, Canada. [4032x3024] (OC)
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Accidentally took a picture of the Andromeda Galaxy (Top right middle) [OC] [6016x4000]
Early snow on Colchuck Peak, the Enchantments, WA [OC][3024x3024]
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A pic my friend told me to post. Maple pass loop in Washington's north cascades. 1365x2048
The Leviathan Spine | Badlands, UT [OC][1098x1647]
Conception Island in the Bahamas. Aka Paradise [4640x3480] [OC]
Pennsylvania's most isolated spot - Susquehannock State Forest [4032x3024][OC]
[1536 x 2048] Cypress tree in the fall I kayaked an hour just to get this photo in the swamp of Loui...
Rainbow & Grand canyon AZ USA [2048x1360][OC]
My first visit to the Pacific North West; the landscape far exceeded my expectations. Carson, Washin...
Svartifoss at christmas - Iceland [1366*2048] OC
50 Blades of Grey on Patagonia's Lago Grey Glacier [OC][3000x2000]
Heading towards some of the darkest skies on the East Coast - Switzer Lake, VA [OC][1372x2048]
I'd planned to shoot the sunset in Yellowstone National Park but a storm came through. I saw this in...
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Amsterdam tonight [OC] 2048x1364
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Summer bloom in the Swiss Alps [OC][4912x3264]
Superstition Mountains, AZ Milky Way [6016 x 4016] [OC]
Cloudy evening on the Pacific Coast, Highway-1, California [OC] [3264x4896]
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The lava tunnels formed in a remote area of the Isabela Island off the archipelago of Galapagos, Ecu...
This shot of Watchman in Zion National Park is posted a lot. I tried to do it little different. [478...
Nearly full moon rising over the shoulder of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA [OC][1200x960]
Mt.Hood taken from West Linn Oregon. [oc] (4752x3168)
And Idaho is only famous for its potatoes, smh. My aunt sent this to me at sunrise from her kitchen ...
Zion National Park [OC] [4870x2793]
The arrival of fall, Cerro Torre Patagonia {OC} (1500x1000) ig: @williampatino_photography