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Minimalistic Sun [2560x1600]
Assassin's Creed
Float (3243×1948)
A retrowave sunset [1920×1080]
Lake Aurora [1920x1080]
Humming Bird [1920x1080]
The Specimen 1920 × 1080
Rhine Falls, Switzerland
[4800x2700] Windows Emulator
Mleth Valley (MLeth) [1920x1080]
I remade that classic Calvin and Hobbes tilt-shift forest photo in high-def and have been using it f...
Aphrodite rock
Glowmire by DominiquevVelsen
Old Aperture (4x upscaled)
Bananya 2560 × 1440
Sci Fi Landscape Wallpaper[1920 × 1080]
Starbeach Moontide
[3840x2160] A simple mesh gradient I made
The Red Sky by K.Hati [1920x1080]
Spacecraft (2560x1440)
Stilt walker 1920 × 1131
A dual monitor firewatch wallpaper I recoloured because i couldn't find it in green.
4K OLED Wallpaper of the M87 Black Hole
Slender blue
Mercury passing the Sun 1912 × 1192
Christmas/Holiday wallpaper
Funes, Italy (Photo credit to Luca Bravo) [5333 x 4000]
Orangered evening [4989×2809]
SYNTH TROOPER v.2 (text removed by request on original post) [1920x1080]
SYNTH TROOPER [1920x1080]
The moon [1920x1080]
I used some screenshots of the eruption in Hawaii to make a wallpaper, Enjoy
Flowers from my porch [5472x3648]
Lake District, UK (2040x2040px)
Through the Clouds 1920 × 1200
Wind Turbines (Photo credit to Irina Iriser) [5858 x 3905]
Odd Disk Out
I know I'm super late, but I decided to try my hand at making a r/place wallpaper [3840 x 2160]
Apple Card Logo [2560x1600]
Legion wallpaper 4k Animated
White Tulips (Photo credit to Anton Rybakov) [3840 x 2160]
Dark Hedges[1920 x 1080]
Diffraction Spikes [2264x1274]
Autumn Trees [1920x1250]
A beautiful view from The Witcher 3
Kaneki ken.
"Paradise" 3840x2160
Bertone Alfa Romeo Navajo - Peaking [3840x2160]
I couldn't stop myself. I AM FREAKING OUT OVER THIS.
A Glowing Deer [1920x1080]
Beachside with mountains; 2560x1440
Death valley 2560 × 1440
Witcher [3840x2160]
Piranhas Nightmare [1920 x 1128]
Rainbow Magnetics [3794x2134]
Unexpected friendship [1920×1080]
2560x1080 Ultra Wide Wallpaper. Tfw 99 woodcutting
into the neon void [6000x4000]
Rocky coastline [3728×2097]
Frosty dark forest [1920x1080]
Earth From Space [8K]
Here's another blender render you guys might like [1920 x 1080]
Can anyone make an american flag wallpaper with a hunting camo background for me? So like the americ...
I know it’s nothing crazy, but here’s a picture of a the blood moon that I took last night! New Orle...
Red Hill Quarry, Perth, Western Australia [5120 x 3840]
Sunset Mega City (Masahiro Sawada)
Lamps in a shop, Montenegro (OC) [4000x6000]
Wall-E [1920x1080]
Got this from r/oddlysatisfying. Hope yall like
Hanok Village, Seoul [1920x1080]
Pink nebula (1920x1079)
Not animated, but here's another Cyberpunk 2077 wallpaper, featuring the beautiful city skyline
By The River 1920 × 1080
Change of Seasons in Patagonia, Argentina [2000 x 1404]
Dreams of a fantasy world (1280×1024)
Artwork From Duelyst (4) [2909x1600]
Lichen Forest, Courtesy of /r/Miniworlds
Free Hong Kong [1366x768]
Batman Dark Knight (1920 x 1080)
Thought I would create a 'clean' version of Rockstar's official RDR2 Desktop.
fsociety00.dat (4k)
Look up in the beautiful Hong Kong
Jupiter [1920x1080]
Cat ready to jump playful mood [1920×1080].
Star Wars Battlefront generates wallpaper
Stunning Colourful sky [1920 × 1200]
Couple photography
Windows Light [1920x1080]
Made this for a client - 1920x1080
Black Smoke [1920x1080]
Venice: The Grand Canal
Box Jellyfish (Photo by Denis Lesak)
Focus on Yourself [1095x730]
Snail [6000×3375]