Essence [9600 x 5400]

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Found this on here, absolutely love it, using it now. Thought I'd share it for all those that missed...
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One of my favourite ones. For phones.
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Another view of RioCity ! I 'm sure this time cus I see giant statue of Jesus on top of the hill! [1...
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Was tired of looking for a highres windows 95 wallpaper so I made my own (6000X4000)
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Any Galaxy Note 8 Wallpapers?
I've made it a tradition to have this as my wallpaper from Thanksgiving to New Years. "Presents Open...
I don't know which effects used but it's perfect! credit: Roberto Shumski e.g. [1920×1200]
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It's horrible, but it was just because I am bored. (2)
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Can someone help me find a screensaver, please?
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