Lijiang [1920x 1200]

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Found this on here, absolutely love it, using it now. Thought I'd share it for all those that missed...
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Where can I get more like this?
Summer time
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Couldn't find anything that combined my favorite style of art and music, so I created my own. Hope o...
Looking for a higher resolution version of this image. If not available, is it possible to upscale t...
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DISCUSSION: All wallpapers, needs to be dual monitor feasible and with slight changes over time.
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[OC] I took a few photos that I think this community would enjoy
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Thank you for the hard work, XP!
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Top 25 16:10 Wallpapers from this Subreddit for MacBooks
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I'm gonna miss Windows 7 but I like Windows 10
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such a good game
e p i c
my favorite wallpaper - beautiful
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Can someone help me find a screensaver, please?
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