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[OC] just kinda calms me
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made this wallpaper for my iphone Xs max based off the wallpaper i use on my PC
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Would love to this get to fit my pixel 3 xl
Snow globe
Made a minimalistic Apple developer wallpaper. Thought I would share. [1920x1080]
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I'd love to see this remade into a sketchy sorta thing.
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Aegean Sea Santorini Island Greece 2 Capitals Fira I Oya Place Of One Of The Largest Volcanic Erupti...
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Does anyone have this wallpaper without the watermark?
For any JoJo fans out here, here's my lock screen!
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artwork wallpaper, 2000x1174
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Ok I would a crap image of that wallpaper I wanted. Any luck
Old Wallpaper I Made
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