Shadows Die Twice

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Found this on the internet 6 months ago. I think it's somewhere in Norway.
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[3840x2160] made a blue copy!
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Sri Lankan Fishing Poles - let me know if you use it 🙂
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Photo I took of my coat zipper
Airplane hangar.
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Any ID on who this is? (Amoled)
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Up in the morning and off to find breakfast, Etosha, Namibia (Photo credit to Sergi Ferrete) [3840 x...
Beach at sunset
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I've been messing with a new technique and it makes great wallpapers. - Digital Waves [4K]
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TT MK1 [5120x2880] [OC] As requested by u/Xxjetterxx. Comment which car you'd like to see next below...
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