By Zhelong Xu

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Does anyone have a portrait version?
Points by @EvgeniyZemelko (links in comments)
Taken on the U.S.S. Hornet.
A messi wallpaper during one of his dribbles??
Just wanted to share my wallpaper with you guys.
My first wallpaper
[REQUEST] Does anyone know where I can find this one?
Galaxy Cat
Mountain top (not sure what Rez but it looks alright )
Red Dot Wallpaper
Vaporwave spongebob
Still a good one for me 👌🏻
Technically SFW
Into the spider verse.
Selected from Walli.
Sleep - The Sciences
Want some candy?
Lego Bricks (more colours in comments)
Toy story wallpaper
Sunset photo by note 8
Pink Peppa Floyd. 2560x1440
Nostalgic Phone Wallpaper
Gloomy Chicago: 30 stories high
Star Warrs
The Walking Dead by Robert Farkas
Venom spraypaint I found in New York
iOS 13 concept by AR07
Neon by Brandon Woelfel
Can someone please turn this into a mobile wallpaper with just a white background? I have an iphone
Cavellosim beach, Goa, India (2176x4608)
Experiment! by Reza Afshar
MOD here.
Looking for Wallpaper - Spike from Cowboy Bebop
Dolomites, Italy [CROSSPOST]
Higher. Further. Faster. [1440x2960]
Star Wars meets Rembrandt
Celebrating over 3 years of screensavers
Fire bucket
Sony Xperia 10/10 plus stock wallpaper
AMOLED wallpaper um idk what rez lol
The Goat
From Tapet (2560*1440)
Fall Leaf Boop
Inspirational wallpaper
For all my edge lords out there
A view from on of the highest buildings in Bangkok. 😍
Idk if this counts but i got this visualizer matches my wallpaper. Goes to the beat of whatevers pla...
Ronin Blood
Maui at sunset
Taken off my deck. Played with ISO settings
Beautiful Beach Mobile Wallpaper
Anybody have more wallpapers like this?
10/10 wallpaper
Something I made for fun using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Bubbles video wallpaper
A photo i made with my drone. Rocky beach in Nea Peramos, Kavala Greece. Enjoy
Can anyone provide link to this wallpaper ? Help me find this pls.
From my trip to The Dominican Republic.
Adventures lonely night out art mobile wallpaper
Can anyone link me to this wallpaper?
Peaceful [2912x5184] [OC]
Current /pixel2
Look at the sky [3744x5616]
Halloween (1440×2560)
Hmmm Peaceful
Evening bliss.
Are there any good wallpaper rotators for Android available on the Play Store?
Life -full of colours
I loved this movie even makes a great wallpaper
Just took what is probably gonna be my new lock screen. Wanted to share.
John wick..❣️
Some one posted there version of this so im gonna post mine (for the karma)
Scuderia Ferrari
water tower of Siófok [OC]
Space / Nebula wallpaper I made on my phone today
NASA Wallpaper