I took this in Sætre, Norway this afternoon. (2832 x 4256) [OC]

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Here's my Comic wallpapers collection. And my app link. My App link in comments.
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Anyone has link to this wallpaper?
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Download your Favorite Device's Stock Wallpapers (Album Link in Comments)
Someone can make a cool Luka Doncic wallpaper, pls?
What style of art would this be referred to as?
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Shot on Xiaomi Mi 6 (Location : Adana, Turkey)
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Where can I find this wallpaper?
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[Request] Wanted! Has anybody seen this wallpaper?
Anyone have this wallpaper?
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[Request] Is there an image similar to this that would fit my phone? (Pixel 2XL)
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Took this at the park on Tuesday with my phone, hope you guys enjoy.
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Get an #ondemandfitness #mobileapp with AppsRhino #ondemandappdevelopmentcompany Learn More At www.a...
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[2302x4094] I thought this wallpaper I made was cool, crop with PS express to phone screen size for ...
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Not mine, just edited a little.
Metal Gear Solid - Outer Heaven logo
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