I made this by duplicating the original image twice, 21:9 2560×1080, I have 2 more wallpapers like this and I will provide the original 4k wallpaper too

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Request-21:9 Res (2560x1080) pls include the artists tag
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Hey, any chance y'all can get that dude off of the bench. Or if possible get rid of the bench and th...
Request: is it possible to make this 3440x1440?
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[Request] Anyone reckon they can extend this into a 6000 x 1440p wallpaper?
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one of my favourite wallpapers
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could anyone help me make this to 2560x1080? thank you
[ would anybody be willing to help me find this in 3440x1440p please ]
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[ does anybody have this in ( 3440x1440p ) or would someone be willing to help me obtain this at tha...
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Request-21:9 Res (2560x1080) pls include the artists tag
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( would anyone be willing make this one at 3440x1440p please? )