League of Legends [2560×1080]

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Could someone make it 2560x1080 please?
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Shameless self promotion
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Request-21:9 Res (2560x1080) pls include the artists tag
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Can anyone know how to make this wallpaper in 21:9? Thanks!
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(Request) Can anyone change this to 3440x1440? (thanks again)
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'Encoder' http://bit.ly/2Ki7Nce
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[Request] Does anyone have a set of three wallpapers like the one in my link? The images are all the...
( would anyone be willing to crop this at 3440x1440p please )
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Destiny 2 - PC Standard Edition [Online Game Code] is 50% OFF
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Request! Could someone please make/find a 3440x1440 version or highest possible quality 21:9 of Kono...