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WRC Hyundai i20 Coupe #01 [21:9]
also one of my favourite wallpapers
[Album] Just got my screen and I like taking screenshots, may post more if I take more.
For any The Amity Affliction fans out there. [2560x1080]
Teasa Spaceport (Star Citizen) [3440x1440]
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Anthem wallpaper 3440x1440 ultra wide WQHD (quality ultra with Geforce GTX 1080)
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Ultra Wide Monitor (3440 x 1440) Star Citizen Cockpit Views of 45 flyable ships from Alpha PTU 3.2 •...
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Fallen Stars from r/artoftheninthworld
Can someone please make this 3440x1440 I’ll be your friend!
(Request) Can anyone change this to 3440x1440? (thanks again)
Chinese Dynasty Star Destroyer [5120x2160]
Itachi 3440x1440
Was messing around with Photo Mode in Ghost Recon. I thought this would make a cool wallpaper
The Predator [2560x1080]
Thanos by [3440x1440]
[3360x1440] Vaporwave vibes - (Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash)
Surf [3440x1440]
In absolute aw with this wallpaper, can someone find me similar F1 subtle wallpapers? Most of the ot...
Deadpool 3440x1440 21:9 ultrawide wallpaper that I cropped. Put it to good use!
[Request] Anybody have 3440x 1440 wallpapers of something similar to this where there are hidden mes...
( would anyone be willing to crop this at 3440x1440p please )
Outrun Sunset [3440x1440]
Spider-Man Perch 2 [3440x1440]
unBodykitted Rotary Beast [3840x1646]
Please remember, ONLY [21:9] images allowed! Anything else will be removed! And please, add your res...
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Best forest landscape [4K]
[Album] Remixed Firewatch Wallpapers [5120x2160]
How can I make this fit my widescreen using gimp? any video links? Or if someone does it for me can ...
[3360x1440] Vaporwave vibes - (Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash)
[Request] Can someone make this 2560x1080?
Mystical Istanbul: I've Found this artwork by "Dim Martin" on artstation and resized it to 2560x1456...
Blonde Model
The Mighty Knight Bear by Kekai Kotaki [3440x1440]
(REQUEST) Is anyone able to make this into 2560x1080?? Thanks 🙂
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Metro Exodus (2560x1080) Nvidia Ansel Screenshot
10320x1440 modified from something I found on google images
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Glass creativity 3440 x 1440
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June Dump/Updates, its been awhile. Enjoy! [2560x1080 or 3440x1440]
The Outer Worlds 3440x1440
Maserati Boomerang "Breeze" (Marcin Karkowski) [2560x1080]
Digital art silhouette [4K]
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Screenshot
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"Go ahead, make my day" 3440:1440
can someone PLEASE make this 3440x1440 somehow do more background this pic is sick!
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NSFW collection (WARNING! ADULT CONTENT!) [21:9]
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Keycaps [ 3440 x 1440 ]
some ac odyssey screenshots
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can anyone take out the name and turn the pic into 3440 x 1440.
The Outer Worlds! [3440 x 1440 Edit]
Liverpool - You'll never walk alone [4K]
Girl silhouette above clouds [4K]
Spyro The Dragon 3400x1400
3440 x 1440
Intel Visual Technologies Team [5120x2160]
SCUM 2560x1080
T-800 (Terminator) [2560x1080]
Airstrike Successful (3440x1440)
Game of Thrones - Dragons Above Clouds [21:9]
New York Sunset Panorama [5120x2160]
OnePlus 7T Pro [4K]
The witcher 3 [5120x2160]
Requests for any 21:9 shots of the Bradbury Building in L.A
Vertical Ultra-Wide